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outsourcing excellence

Primary Assertion: The hallmarks of successful outsourcing processes are predictable, reliable and durable performance and savings. We are amazed at how many companies suffer from lack of comprehensive process planning and launch management. This guide is provided to help companies considering outsourcing to know common errors and compensate for them by requiring their contractors to provide explicit launch, monitoring and performance details.

Work content is only part of the planning.

Process controls such has how work is assigned, ensuring work start completion through explicit confirmation. Assignments, pending work reports should be planned along with training on how work is done. Ignoring these details can often lead to work being invisible or delayed.

Work content must be evaluated by a process engineer.

Clients who know the work process often assume rules as common sense and understood. Explicit control of remote resources requires that rules be evaluated and quality control implemented based on all known rules so that process learning is rapid and improvements documented.

Focus on qualitative aspects of work as well.

Not just what needs to be done but as an example what font is to be used or where on the documents changes are allowed or required. Lack of qualitative aspects often results in poor results unless these elements are explicit and well documented.

Explain the work context.

It is important for outsourcing companies to understand the business model well enough to ensure they guard the client’s interest. In order to understand this a high level view of the work being outsourced and how exactly it fits in the larger business processes is vital. As an example If prioritizing work is required, explain the implications of delay. Set rules, SLAs and reporting to reveal such problems.

Launch of any complex process requires babysitting.

During the initial stages errors, improvements, adjustments must be made rapidly to ensure work output is desirable. Launch requires both clients and outsourcers to respond to process adjustments by maintaining clear and complete documentation of the process. Change management is vital to success at this early stage.

Collaboration tools – project management

No outsourcing relationship is possible without superior communication tools that are secure and real time.

Telegenisys picked for project management. This allows clients to securely communicate based on projects and tasks while timelining the performance and measuring success metrics. Hourly, Daily, Weekly or Monthly periodic reports and measurements are transparent to teams towards mutual success of projects. Telegenisys makes Asana shared teams and workspaces for each client to ensure communication.

Telegenisys uses channels to discuss projects and guidance with clients. By creating secure encrypted channels real time support is always available to clients. In addition to client channels clients can talk with team member directly to provide one on one guidance if desired.

Special Process Control requirements.

Remote teams require detailed and well documented procedures and reporting. This is especially true for HIPAA compliance when dealing with protected health information (PHI). Telegenisys is externally audited every year for HIPAA compliance and has rigorous procedure to train teams and ensure confidentiality. Mature QMS (Quality Management System) is guided by ISO 9001 standards and Data security assurance exceeds ISO 27001 standards. With mature well controlled systems and work environment Telegenisys has assured integrity and excellence of its outsourcing process for decades.

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