First Look At Integrated Medical Summaries By Telegenisys

Telegenisys announces integration of summaries into a combined patient record so that summaries can be audited and examined in the context of medical records.

Fairfield, California, USA, June 09, 2021 Telegenisys found a remarkable difference in comprehension of medical data when summaries are integrated within a unified medical record. Every medical summary delivered by Telegenisys includes:

  1. Microsoft word document with deep links into the medical record.
  2. Unified, organized and referenced medical record.
  3. Structured data in the form of a spreadsheet also deep linked into the medical record.

When we prepare medical visualization presentations, this includes a powerpoint presentation of the medical record.

By exposing medical analytics behind our summaries, Telegenisys makes summary assertions easy to understand, fully referenced and comparable to doctors’ notes.

When structured data is used correctly, our clients can compare patient groups (for research or mass tort cases).

Development of the integrated summaries has taken several years of experience doing thousands of summaries for a variety of reasons. Our clients prefer to have our substantial medical analytics background that fully exposes the non referenced opinions of “experts”.

Integrated summaries feature multiple formats so clients have information they need in the form they want to read it:

  1. Descriptive bookmarks for faster review.
  2. Referenced medical data for deeper comprehension.
  3. Structured data for comparative analytics.
  4. Missing records analytics showing treatment gaps & missing diagnostic chains
  5. Competing opinions exposed for medical malpractice cases
  6. Time span analytics to show first mention and last mention of diagnostics, drugs and assessments.

This unique level of depth in legal medical analytics is impossible to achieve without custom software built by Telegenisys called VMR (Visualize Medical Records). If you work with medical records there is no better source of professionally developed medical summaries than Telegenisys.

Descriptive bookmarks for faster review


Rapid audit of every assertion in the summary:

All the points noted in the summary are hyperlinked to the original record for you to evaluate and get further details if required.

Direct navigation to medical provider notes:

The bookmarks help you navigate to any report without scrolling multiple pages. For example, if you know the name of the provider you can directly select the bookmark for the providers and under the provider’s name select the date of report you wish to see. The same goes for drug use using the medications sorting list. Select the medication and you get to see the list of dates since the use of the medication or the discontinuation or changes in dosage. Not only that, if you need to review all treatments during a particular period of time you can view this under the event chronology section. If you want to see all the same types of records, example EKGs, select the option of sorting by event type and select your preference.

Analytics engine references make review easier:

The structured data is in a spreadsheet format which you can sort, filter, create pivot tables and charts. The flow becomes easy to read and comprehend and the associated hyperlinks enable instant verification of the assertions found.

Expand any assertion and research immediately:

All assertions mentioned in the structured data or the attached summary are hyperlinked to the original record. One-click navigates you to the PDF where the assertion was found and the reviewer is able to verify the mention and get further details if required.

Assertion in bookmarks

Advance search into summary and record together:

If the summary mentions a particular assessment or occurrence that is useful to a case further investigation is naturally warranted. For example, at a triage, if an accident victim was brought in – Did he come by ambulance or by private vehicle Was he the driver or the pedestrian? Was he conscious? Was he bleeding? Was he intoxicated? These and other such essential questions are required to be answered correctly for insurance/claims as well as treatment.

Using summaries with comment blocks:

The summaries will give you a framework of the conditions and the treatment given. The comment blocks give you an idea of what happened during a particular episode. One-click into the comment box will take your search to the original record.

Summary bookmarks/hyperlinks:

Summaries generated by Telegenisys contains all the record in their original order despite this all records are bookmarked and indexed and the exact record is available at a click if you know which provider you are looking for or the dates the events took place on. To make it easier the record is put in a Narrative summary within the pdf. This summary gives the overall picture, hyperlinks the more notable events.

Use cases for Telegenisys Summaries

Medical summaries are extensively used by insurance underwriters, lawyers, legal nurse consultants, pharmaceutical and clinical studies for various purposes. Medical records review requires detailed probing into every record pinpointing every nuance of a disease and its comorbidities to highlight its fiscal risk or disease progression. Telegenisys has multiple formats that can be customized to the user’s requirements.
The narrative summary format gives the details of the most pertinent documents in the medical records.

disability specific medical summary

Healthcare types

a) Patient intake – By this process healthcare organizations acquire demographic and clinical data, insurance details, consent forms, last appointment, about both new and returning patients before providing the next visit date. This process cuts down wait time at the clinic, reduces interaction with too many patients, and all paperwork is ready before the visit to enable the provider to give the patient the best service and care.

b) Revenue cycle – Organizations need to collect patient accounts and these have to be followed up with proper documentation. Collection of billing records and associated medical records are summarized.

c) Patient audits – Audit and feedback is a common practice to improve processes with regard to patient care. Audits include medical records showing wait time to meet a provider, type of treatment, improvements with the provided treatment. These audits show the availability of service providers, counselors, facilities to provide education, etc. The summary results are organized into a readable matrix to help ease the reviewer’s effort in organization and focus on the review.

APS summaries for life insurance

APS or Attending Physician Statement is something that the insurance company requests to assess the risk involved in insuring an applicant and to set the premium. An APS helps the underwriter to review medical records for a policy. This is not a statement about the applicant’s health from the doctor but a summary of records for a particular time like the last 3 years. If the applicant has seen multiple providers all the APS are organized into a summary that is more comprehensible to the underwriter.

Summaries for Life Expectancy Certificates

For life certificates, abstracts are structured to provide underwriters ready-to-use text, ICD codes, and references with hyperlinks for instant access into the medical record to get context for each portion of the abstract. Telegenisys creates life expectancy abstracts with a custom data set that includes ratable conditions and comorbidities become clear. These data probes allow underwriters to move faster through the medical record by viewing the full chronology of each rateable condition mentioned in the record.

disability specific medical summary

Personal Injury Support Summaries

Cases involving injuries and deaths caused as a result of negligence. Telegenisys helps summarize the content of the records, preparing and presenting exhibits, establishing the extent of the injury and the losses thereafter, questioning for a deposition thereby create a non-contestable compensation demand.


  1. Workmans Comp – Workplace accidents
  2. Liability Claims – These include defective product claims, premises liability, or any other manufacturing negligence that causes harm to the claimant.
  3. Health Insurance – Health insurance is a way to pay for healthcare services. It helps pay for high-cost treatments that are otherwise not affordable by the insured.
  4. Others – These include air or water accidents, food poisoning from consumption of food at a restaurant, burns, spinal cord injuries, and other accidents.

Mass Tort Support Summaries & Analytics

Mass Tort spreadsheets are backed up by our medical data analytics engine. The summaries are specific to the pre and post-use of the defective product/service. The analytics module helps to compare the symptoms of hundreds of individuals to examine the patterns in medical data.


Misdiagnosis, improper treatment, surgical errors, pharmacy errors, mistakes in the medication, defective product.

Property liability

slip and falls

Vehicular accident

Motor vehicle accidents

Wrongful death due to negligence

Death or loss of loved one due to negligence of others.

Telegenisys uses comment summary blocks

comment box

Comment box referencing means organized data is presented as snippets of what occurred in a report. These comments are added based on the observation of the signing physician copied from the report for quick referencing. If something interesting catches your eye click on the comment and read the details in the original report that opens up. If there is nothing interesting you scroll ahead. This is aimed at keeping analytics as simple as possible.
Comment boxes can be sorted to suit the user’s requirement. The following options are available:

  • Page Number
  • Author
  • Date
  • Type
  • Checkmark Status
  • Color

Methods and Practices in creating Telegenisys medical summaries

Using the Visualize Medical Records Application, all events are arranged chronologically by date and time from the onset to the latest available record.

The providers are referenced and verified using the provider’s NPI registration and declared specialties (taxonomy codes). Every medical condition with available ICD 10/9 Billing code references is sourced from the files. Every medical abbreviation is elaborated and referenced.
FDAs National Drug Code references are used to verify drugs.

Data Security & Privacy

Telegenisys is an externally audited HIPAA compliant, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified provider of medical reviews for clinical research for different diseases, chronic disease management, life underwriting, personal injury evaluation among others. All PHI and personal information found in the records are deleted once the output is returned to the owner of the records.

The end product you can expect

Organized and indexed pdf file with all the available records in their original order. Integrated summary with hyperlinks to the original records. Structured data in spreadsheet with analytics available as requested.

About Visualize Medical Records

Visualize Medical Records software has been developed over the last two years and is being continuously upgraded with new features to empower the users with time-saving and quality output. Telegenisys help in organizing and indexing thousands of pages of digitized medical records to enable quick reviews and make informed opinions. VMR sorts the jigsaw puzzle of jumbled medical records in pdf formats and converts it into an organized medical chronology/summary. The organized record is available electronically and stored in a secure cloud storage facility provided by Telegenisys, so it can be accessed easily via any device at any location.


Telegenisys Medical Technologies Group is a division of Telegenisys Inc. a Delaware company with primary offices in Fairfield California. The group operates on two continents with a second office in Pune India. This group has worked with medical records for over 15 years and works on over 2 Million medical record pages per year. The group is composed of a variety of medical personnel and data scientists. The primary purpose of the technology group is to develop simpler ways to understand and measure medical outcomes.

Contact Information:
Mark Merani, CEO
Telegenisys Inc.
(844) 903-0777

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