Telegenisys establishes new standards for remote work – Telegenisys Thanksgiving 2021 Message

thanksgiving 2021

Telegenisys is thankful for its clients and their trust in the company, helping to keep families safe during a pandemic.

FAIRFIELD, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 25, 2021 — Telegenisys is thankful that the diligence we show in keeping our client’s data secure while also keeping our employees safe this past year. After the Covid-19 pandemic, we quickly switched to remote work while maintaining our procedures and are set to grow in the next year. The Covid-19 pandemic reminds us all that it is also important to keep families safe. Telegenisys thanks its clients who trusted us with the sensitive data during this pandemic, including partnering with us while we developed a secure and reliable solution to work from home.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that many celebrate by spending time with family and giving thanks for what they have. For us here at Telegenisys, we are thankful for our diligence in advancing the study of rare diseases, providing new insights into medical data, and applying technology to data that keeps it private, safe, and easy to interpret.

“Thanksgiving is a time for friends and family, but it’s also a time to reflect on what we have been given in the past year. With Thanksgiving approaching, I’m thankful that everyone at Telegenisys had a safe year and was able to work from home without fear of infection. I am grateful to our staff for the innovations in medical data technology, our partners for certifying us yet again for data safety and ISO standards, and our clients for the trust they have in what we do for them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” says Mark Merani, CEO at Telegenisys Inc.

Telegenisys Inc. is a company that has maintained its focus on medical records management and summary creation throughout the past year since it experienced no loss of business as a result of work during the pandemic of 2021; furthermore, they continue to honor existing client agreements with diligence and excellence.

The medical records retrieval group reported a team effort that helped the business continue with no perceptible disruption. The Telegenisys staff maintained good rapport with medical records department professionals and they were happy to help by using the electronic methods for reducing backlogs. They ensured timely follow-ups so everything went smoothly between all parties involved in processing patient information during this time.

Through the Covid-19 pandemic, Telegenisys was able to provide data security solutions by quickly implementing procedures that allowed for secure data transmission with highly responsive remote technologies through a series of providers. HIPAA cloud providers added features necessary for improved remote deployments.

“We’re thankful that our data security is better than ever before because of the ability to work remotely and securely,” says Henry Cobb VP and in charge of data security at Telegenisys Inc.

Telegenisys Inc. has taken data security seriously right from the start. This past year’s pandemic was only another opportunity to show their dedication to data security by transitioning to secure remote work in the event of an emergency.

Telegenisys Inc. is thankful for its employees’ ability to deliver on the data security expectations of its clients. They recognize that data security continues to play a huge role when it comes to data management and medical data. In order to show their thanks, they continue to put data security at the forefront of all data management solutions.

About Telegenisys

Telegenisys is a division of Telegenisys Inc. a Delaware company with primary offices in Fairfield, California. The company operates on two continents with a second office in Pune, India. The company has worked with medical records for over 15 years and works on over 2 million medical record pages per year. The company is composed of a variety of medical personnel and data scientists. The primary purpose of the Telegenisys team is to develop simpler ways to understand and measure medical outcomes. Having easy to visualize medical referencing as a core goal, Telegenisys produces Medical chronologies, medical summaries, life expectancy abstracts, custom data extraction, and a wider variety of reports for legal, insurance, pharma, healthcare, and research. From genomics to life expectancy its work with medical records is precise.

PR Contact
Mark Merani
Telegenisys Inc.
+1 844-903-0777

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