Telegenisys Inc. Volunteers to reduce it’s carbon footprint

Fairfield, CA – Telegenisys Inc, a leading provider of business process outsourcing services, recently announced plans to reduce it’s carbon footprint. “With enough empirical data available to support that global average temperatures have increased by at least a minimum of one degree, we feel that environmental conservation is no longer the sole responsibility of the Government.” said Mr. Henry Cobb, Regional Manager (Asia). “In the coming years, environmental issues will determine how businesses operate and perform in their respective domains. As such, it becomes our responsibility to do everything in our own individual capacities to help make our planet a better place to work and live”.

Company sources reveal that Telegenisys has already made huge progress in it’s efforts to conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions. “Equipment that consume mammoth amounts of energy such as CRT Monitors have all been replaced by “Green” LCD monitors that consume only 40% of the power of traditional monitors and are also more environment friendly since they have a much longer operational life.”, elaborated Mr. Cecil Ramchandran, Assistant to the CEO. “Automated systems have also been installed across the entire LAN network, which monitor usage and automatically switch off individual units when they are not in use. Paper work has virtually been eliminated except of course energy conservation pamphlets that you will find adorning our notice boards. Apart from that, we have partnered with NGOs and recyclers who help us manage our e-waste in the most environment friendly manner. Old cooling units have been replaced with new ones having green technology that are making it easier for us to achieve our targeted reductions in carbon emissions. Even our power back-up systems are the most advanced and although we use it only rarely, we believe that everything counts, especially when issues like global warming have taken center stage” he added.

It was also revealed that the company is promoting the cause of environmental conservation amongst its employees, vendors, suppliers and clients. The company, we were informed, does not believe in limiting its conservation efforts inside organizational boundaries. “As an established player in the outsourcing industry, we believe that we have the power to influence a lot more people and businesses and we are doing everything we can to reduce our own carbon footprint and of all those who are connected with our organization” said Mr. Ramchandran. “We plan to achieve a carbon footprint reduction of around 30% in the next 5 years and we are working towards it, every hour, every minute.”

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