Telegenisys launches Visualize Medical Records (VMR) Analytics Module

VMR Analytics module

Experience the simplicity and quality of modern medical data analytics

FAIRFIELD, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 5, 2021 — Telegenisys, a leading provider of healthcare analytics and data management solutions has announced the release of its new medical analytics module – VMR Analytics. This module will be used to help healthcare teams in predicting risks, improving patient outcomes, the study of disease progressions, personal injury cases, evaluating life expectancy, and monitoring overall patient health. Insights obtained from patterns and correlations in historical data enable better decision-making with a categorical view of a patient’s medical reports, medications, allergens, lab results, procedures, etc. are provided with an intuitive interface.

Telegenisys’ medical records team focuses on business requirements, solution flexibility, adaptability to the potentially changeable environment, and most importantly, time-to-value makes it an ideal partner for healthcare analytics initiatives.

The new medical analytics module offers a responsive approach to addressing the medical review needs of researchers, attorneys and underwriters. The analytic module converts free flow medical text into a database which can be questioned, analyzed, and used for creating graphical views of patient data. The module advances a superior solution as an alternative to the relatively weak data models in use by review teams which do this type of work manually.” says Telegenisys’ CEO, Mark Merani. “It is critical for healthcare entities to understand the patients’ health conditions and quickly analyze any changes that occurred. This module allows extracting medical data from our unified and organized pdf files uses metadata to grasp medical facts rapidly.

Visualize Medical Records (VMR) analytics module includes the following capabilities.

Import of data structures created by VMR for medical information

VMR analytics module automatically imports data structures created by VMR for medical information such as medical conditions, medical providers, medical events, Medications, lab reports, etc. so that the data structures are easily customizable to any variations needed by medical teams.

Explore the event model

Building metadata reference to direct review attention

VMR analytics module enables building metadata reference to direct review attention to the documents that are needed for further analysis. Fast querying capabilities help in quickly finding medical information associated with specific events, procedures, tests, allergies, medications, etc. Such quick queries can provide insight into any unexpected changes in a patient’s medical condition.

Medication mention by date

Exporting data into the VMR patient data dashboards and graphics modules

VMR Dashboard and graphic modules help filter medical events based on any criteria to analyze the data and display it in tabular format. With the help of these modules, any unusual or unexpected medical events can be pinpointed efficiently.

VMR patient data dashboards

Developing group views for group research supporting trend visualization

VMR analytics also provides the capability to develop group views for group research supporting trend visualization. Instead of using aggregate reports in medical records, medical teams can use trend data that is more specific to the provider groups or specific medical conditions of patients spanning overtime to find the critical information needed for further decision-making.

Custom reporting and query capabilities

Finally based on this filtered medical data required by medical teams they can generate custom reports based on their requirements. Custom reporting and query capabilities help in quickly obtaining specific medical information from historical patient medical data. These reports can be used for the study of disease progressions, for personal injury cases, for evaluating life expectancy, etc.

Medical Conditions by counts

Uses Microsoft Access 365™ to provide user-level control of medical data

VMR analytics stores all this data into Microsoft Access 365™ enabling users with customizable control to analyze and export any data they want. Since VMR analytics is designed based on MS Access 365™, there are many benefits of using this solution for medical organizations in terms of customization, cost-effectiveness, and support.

About Telegenisys

Telegenisys Medical Technologies Group is a division of Telegenisys Inc. a Delaware company with primary offices in Fairfield California. The group operates on two continents with a second office in Pune India. This group has worked with medical records for over 15 years and works on over 2 Million medical record pages per year. The group is composed of a variety of medical personnel and data scientists. The primary purpose of the technology group is to develop simpler ways to understand and measure medical outcomes. Having easy to visualize medical referencing as a core goal, Telegenisys produces Medical chronologies, medical summaries, life expectancy abstracts, custom data extraction, and a wider variety of reports for legal, insurance, pharma, healthcare, and research. From genomics to life expectancy our work with medical records is precise and Telegenisys’ software-assisted services are unparalleled.

PR Contact
Mark Merani
Telegenisys Inc.
+1 844-903-0777

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