Telegenisys makes further inroads Into the B2B telemarketing domain

Fairfield, CA – Already counted amongst the leading providers of B2B telemarketing services, Telegenisys Inc. has recently made further inroads in this particular domain. Reliable sources inside the company reveal that the company has just started a new B2B telemarketing project that deals in lead generation and direct selling of DSL and Internet Connections. It was also revealed that though initially started on a trial basis, the pilot project took off quite well and that today it is contributing significantly to the overall B2B telemarketing business of the company.

When asked to comment on the emerging possibilities, regional manager (Asia) Mr. Henry Cobb said, “As compared to other B2B processes that we have, this new project is still relatively small. However, since we are quite certain that possibilities are virtually limitless in this particular domain, we are doing all that we can to make this project a grand success. Due to our consistent efforts, demand from the client side has increased significantly in the last few months and based on that, we are expecting exponential growth in demand in the near future. Keeping that in mind, we are currently in the process of making available the required resources such as manpower, advanced IT and Telecommunications systems, and most importantly, managerial talent and skills.”

Elaborating on the finer details, Mr. Cecil Ramchandran, the Assistant to the CEO said, “When we started initially, we faced some problems with the IT and communications systems, but now everything has been sorted out. Technical glitches impacted our lead generations initially, but now that they have been fixed, we are finding it easier not only to achieve our targets but also to exceed them. Our clients value our efforts and have requested from us to scale up our operations so that further demand can be accommodated without any issues. To make sure that this gets done in the desired manner, I am currently overseeing the recruitment and training of new telemarketing professionals. I want my team to have only the best telemarketing professionals, because this new process is a critical one and cannot be compromised.”

Commenting on the future plans and strategies of the company, Mr. Ramchandran, further added that in the next 5 years, the company will concentrate on adding more B2B telemarketing processes in order to realize the full potential of this growing market segment. He elaborated, “Apart from increasing our own capacity, we are also looking for strategic mergers and acquisitions in order to achieve targeted goals and objectives”.

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