Telegenisys releases report on medical records industry

March 19, 2008

Fairfield, CA – It requires great political will to change an existing system, but it seems that things are moving along this time around without the usual protests. This and many more useful insights have been discussed in a detailed report released by Telegenisys, Inc. ( The report concentrates on the health industry regulation proposals of the three leading presidential contenders and uses it as a base for predicting the far reaching effects these proposals will have on the health and allied industries once these proposals are finally passed into law, in all likelihood during 2009.

The report tries to find out the real reasons behind these new proposals related to the medical records industry and it would not be wrong to say that it has been hugely successful on this front. The report states that people among all walks of life were increasingly disappointed with the huge number of medical errors, to an extent where some proved fatal. The report identifies that in most cases, the primary reason for medical errors and the eventual fatalities was the over-dependence on manually written medical reports and mechanically stored and managed medical reports. All this led to serious medical errors and lapses such as wrong interpretation of medical prescriptions, administering the wrong treatment to the patient etc. This eventually forced patients, advocates and the medical fraternity alike to raise their voices in protest against manual handling of medical records.

The report goes on to say that grave concerns expressed by people nationwide, forced political leaders to have a rethink on the matter and come out with an effective solution. This is the main reason why most of the presidential contenders have displayed increasing support for electronic medical records management that has still to achieve it’s full potential. The leading presidential candidates are offering both financial and statutory support to the electronic records management industry, which is certainly good news for every one concerned. A complete shift from manual to electronic medical records management will take time, but when it eventually materializes, it will provide a wide range of benefits to everyone including patients, their families, and the medical industry.

The report says that patients will benefit from electronic medical records management because then they will not have to worry about getting the wrong prescription or receiving the wrong treatment. The medical industry on the other hand will benefit through reduced operational costs and increased efficiency.

The report concludes that the imminent changes to the medical records management system will also benefit providers who outsource medical accounts verification. The shift to electronic medical records from manual management will help by making it easier for outsourcing firms to comply with new legal requirements. To conclude, the report says that Telegenisys Inc. is working overtime to prepare itself for the imminent changes the medical records management industry will face.

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