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Telegenisys: the right tech support solution for your business

In today’s world, very few of us run a business in which we deal solely with those next door to us. This is especially true in the technology field where the popularization of the Internet has led to globalization, bringing the whole world to our front door. Now it is not uncommon at all for your product to be in use halfway around the world!

With the opening of new markets comes new challenges; one of those being providing quality tech support for consumers regardless of their location. This can be quite a challenge as half of the world is still asleep during the typical nine to five business days in the United States. Not only would these hours be inconvenient for international customers, but some might also say it would be nearly impossible for these customers to receive technical support at a reasonable hour.

The tech support field has responded to this need by offering what is known as global tech support. Global tech support ensures that consumers have access to tech support services 24/7, meaning support staff will be available the moment your customer has a question or whenever it is most convenient for them to contact you.

Even if the majority of your tech support needs are best focused domestically, Telegenisys can provide tech support staff that can allow your business to increase its support hours, better organize work for on-site employees and provide more scalable solutions that cater to your specific needs. By employing our services, the professional agents at Telegenisys can effectively service the technical support and administrative needs of your growing company, giving you the freedom to focus on your core competencies.

The constant availability of tech support not only means more convenience to the consumer but also more positive interactions with the tech support agents representing your company. The sooner an issue is addressed, the less time that a customer has to become frustrated or irate with the product or the manufacturer. Happier customers lead to contacts that are less about diffusing anger and more about providing a professional, accurate, and timely solution to the consumer’s question.

Telegenisys is prepared to meet ever-expanding tech support needs surrounding globalization by offering 24/7 access to both phone-based and online tech support services. Products serviced by Telegenisys have access to tech support hotlines that customers can contact and quickly receive information for a caring agent that is ready to help. In some instances, our agents can even use remote access to resolve problems right before your customer’s eyes.
Our web-based support is another great feature that we offer our customers, providing assistance to customers via e-mail, webchat, and social media. However, your customer decides to contact us you can be assured that Telegenisys is equipped not only to answer questions but to provide a positive customer experience that is sure to leave consumers very impressed with your company and the quality of support you provide.

Here at Telegenisys, we have implemented client experience management services to ensure that we are taking every step necessary to convert frustrated consumers into loyal, lifelong customers. Each customer interaction is carefully recorded and analyzed to make sure every interaction is positive, leaving each person satisfied with the assistance they received from our tech support staff.

Tech support is an important business process that shouldn’t be left to just anyone. By choosing Telegenisys, your products will have access to a well-rounded suite of 24/7 support options that are sure to meet the needs of any customer.

Now you may be thinking to yourself, “Could our business possibly host our own tech support team?” While your business certainly could choose to provide its own support staff, there is a reason that many businesses today have elected to employ the services of a third-party tech support company.

Tech support companies: efficient and cost-effective customer service

Tech support companies provide customer assistance solutions for manufacturers that would prefer to focus on their main competencies rather than provide in-house support services to customers. The efficiency of tech support companies begins with how work is often on a shared agent basis, meaning that the same agents provide support for multiple products and manufacturers. This is a direct contrast with an in-house support staff that may only provide service for one or two products.
While it may seem like a tall order for agents to be knowledgeable about the multiple products they support, this issue is solved by what is known as a knowledge base. These knowledge bases contain information on the product and any known issues that the customer may experience along with its solution. Having this knowledge base allows agents to transition seamlessly from product to product.

This seamless transition between products is not only important for the success of the agent, but for the product manufacturers as well. Tech support companies provide a first line of customer interaction for their clients. These interactions that tech support companies have with customers help shape their opinions about the product manufacturer. Tech support companies provide employees with both the experience and the skillset to make sure customer interactions are as positive as possible. Professional, accurate and timely responses to customer questions can go a long way in shaping positive brand image in the mind of consumers.
Telegenisys offers tech support for a variety of technical products from smartphones and Bluetooth headphones to computer software and electronic picture frames. Whatever your product may be, Telegenisys can provide a tech support solution that is right for your business.

Outsourcing: A Cost-effective Approach to Tech Support

A manufacturer that elects to a third party to provide tech support for its customers are said to be outsourcing that particular business function. Companies that outsource are those looking to provide their customers with a high-quality product at a lower cost. Employing a third party company to provide tech support often means providing customers with better services at a lower price than the manufacturer could have provided with an in-house staff. While the manufacturer can continue to focus on what they do best—developing and produce technology—tech support companies can assist customers with those products when the need arises. With the high cost and responsibility of providing technical support removed from the shoulders of the manufacture, that company is now free to use the freed up resources to expand other operations within the business.

So what is it exactly that makes Telegenisys such a cost-effective outsourcing solution? Telegenisys provides tech support based in India, which is commonly used by many large technology companies. These tech support agents based in India allow companies to provide highly-skilled and trained individuals to assist their customers while keeping the cost of these services at a more manageable level.

Telegenisys ensures that you receive only the most talented and qualified agents by allowing you to personally select those individuals that will be part of your team. This way we can balance price against your needs, providing a tech support solution for your business that you can not only be confident in, but be proud of.

Tech Support Hotlines: Providing Consumer Solutions over the Phone

Consumers are able to receive solutions to their technical inquiries via two main methods: the telephone and the Internet.
The first method—telephone—has been the industry standard for my years. It is by far the most established method of providing tech support and many customers still prefer this method today. A tech support hotline is a phone number provided by the manufacturer that customers may call to ask questions regarding the product. The goal of these hotlines is to make sure that all questions are answered, all problems are resolved and that customers remained satisfied with the product and the manufacturer.

Calls made to the tech support hotline can be made both pre and post sales, by both savvy consumers looking for clarification about a products features or a paying customer seeking resolution of a technical difficulty. Either way, the tech support call is a crucial moment in the customer relation process that can make or break the customer’s opinion of your product and company.

The phone call has an advantage over tech support in that the sound of the human voice has been known to have calming effects on a frustrated or irate customer, often diffusing a situation that may have gotten out of hand otherwise. A caring and helpful agent with access to the product knowledge base will be sure to resolve any issues that the customer might have had with the product, restoring faith in both the product and manufacturer.

Telegenisys offers an added benefit to its phone support services by offering direct, PC-related support via remote desktop. While one the phone with a customer, Telegenisys are able to access the customer’s computer and make the necessary adjustments to resolve the issue in real time without the monotonous back-and-forth questioning that troubleshooting a product over the phone typically entails.

These positive interactions play a significant role in a consumer’s experience with your product, helping to build brand loyalty that is absolutely crucial for the success of any business. Customers who call the tech support hotline expect an immediate, high-quality response. Telegenisys has years of experience operating tech support hotlines for various companies, providing support for their products and services for decades. You can be sure that a tech support hotline operated by Telegenisys will not only meet but exceed customer standards.

Online Tech Support: Using the Internet to Improve Your Customer’s Experience

In this Information Age that we now find ourselves in, customers now expect that online support be available 24/7. To accomplish this, may tech support companies have implemented to major methods of online tech support: e-mail and chat-based support.

Both of these support methods benefit greatly from an extensive knowledge base, as standard responses to commonly asked questions can be sent verbatim to customers, ensuring they receive the most professional, accurate and timely information that the company has to offer. Telegenisys uses its decades of experience in online technical support to begin providing level one –the most basic level—of tech support for a product in a matter of days once it is asked to begin a project. From there, Telegenisys works to expand the knowledge base as it encounters an ever growing list of potential issues that a customer may encounter.

While e-mail is certainly a convenient way for customers to contact our online tech support staff—e-mail sent to our staff are responded to within one hour—the most efficient method of online tech support is chat. Chat agents work to provide solutions quickly using predesigned templates originating in the knowledge base. Approximately 75% of messages that a chat agent sends come from a predesigned template, ensuring customers receive the most professional, accurate and timely responses possible.

When the requested information falls outside of these templates, our chat agents possess the skills necessarily to quickly search the knowledge base for information and then quickly provide a professional and accurate response to the customer, promptly resolving the issue and leaving the customer satisfied with both the product and the service.

Client Experience Management (CEM) Services

The goal of Telegenisys’ tech support services is to convert a frustrated consumer into a lifetime customer. How do we know that our agents are holding true to this standard? At Telegenisys we have implemented CEM services to record and analyze each interaction our agents have with a customer. By collecting and analyzing this data, we can ensure that each agent is contributing to the development of customer satisfaction and brand loyalty with each product that we service. As we see the different ways that our agents are finding success, we can tailor our approach and strategy regarding future tech support efforts.

Telegenisys: The Right Tech Support Solution for Your Business

In this global economy, your customers are expecting that you provide quality tech support for your products 24/7. Telegenisys can provide the quality tech support you need, accessible however your customer finds most convenient. Whether it be on the phone or online, Telegenisys agents have access to extensive knowledge bases to make sure they will be able to answer your customer’s questions professionally, accurately and promptly. All of this accomplished while keeping track of every customer interaction to ensure that your customers receive the highest quality support possible. Telegenisys is committed to providing you with the right solution to convert frustrated consumers into loyal customers that will give your business the continued success that it deserves.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further inquiries about our tech support solutions.

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