Traffic studies

Unlike many of the other elements of traffic analysis, traffic studies tend to focus on a specific area or problem, such as planning for a large event or trying to ease traffic congestion. They take longer to develop and execute because you have to establish what data you want from the study and the best way to extract that data from the current infrastructure.

Traffic studies should be conducted early in the planning process, giving analysts and simulators more current data to use to make recommendations. Not all projects will require a traffic study; other projects may require multiple studies.

Because studies focus on one or two specific regions or problems, you will have to determine what kind of timeframe will provide you with enough information to make recommendations or provide your clients with accurate results without missing a deadline.

By contacting us, you will have a team who can help you review the different types of traffic studies to determine what is right for your current needs. Whether you need a study that looks at signage, pedestrian and biker traffic along roads, or the average number of cars that travel a specific area, we can help you determine what type of studies will best benefit your current needs.

For analysis projects requiring video analysis, aerial photo analysis (such as counting or tracking cars on images), GIS data creation and traffic model database creation services contact us at Telegenisys.  As an ISO certified operation we can assure you highly accurate superior results.

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