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Telegenisys combats process fragmentation


The first generation of outsourcing involved only the division of work between the client company and the sole source outsourcer. The new model is for process fragmentation, the use of different suppliers and component manufactures in the production of a good or service. This presents significant challenges for outsourcing companies and their clients alike. A recent article in Forbes1 describes the negative effects of fragmentation as causing disintegration within the supply chain, inviting new competitors into the industry as well as undermining pricing power and profitability.

Business process outsourcing companies as well as their clients see the effects of fragmentation in the fluctuation of workers’ knowledge of the client’s particular order of operations regarding certain tasks. Fragmentation in business process outsourcing means in practice that at any time a different employee—or even a different BPO company altogether—may be conducting a particular process. Without a solid understanding of the client’s order of operations or expectations regarding a certain task, the end result may vary significantly in quality. This uncertainty is not desirable for the client and often diminishes the advantages that business process outsourcing provides.

Communication helps combat the negative consequences of process fragmentation

The client must ensure that the business process outsourcing company understands how a particular process is to be completed to provide the most benefit to the hiring organization. Expected outcomes for each outsourced process must also be communicated to ensure that both the client and the business process outsourcing company are aiming for the same goals. With operating instructions and process expectations properly communicated, the relationship between the client and the business process outsourcing company is on its way to success.

In addition to effective communication between parties, the unitization of work, the creation of teams of employees that specialize in the completion of a certain task or process for a client, as well as the creation of logical work modules which are sequential set of tasks for the service provider to complete, serves to ensure that the process can be routinely completed with excellence regardless of the employee assigned to work a particular process.

Telegenisys has over twenty years of experience managing the outsourced workforce, bringing an invaluable asset to any potential client considering outsourcing any of its business processes. It prides itself in communicating closely with clients throughout a project to ensure that each process is completed correctly and to the customer’s satisfaction. Telegenisys works to integrate seamlessly into our client’s existing infrastructure to maximize the efficiency of your process. Telegenisys has truly set itself apart as a business process outsourcing company by recognizing the potential shortcomings of the outsourcing process and working to combat the unintended consequences that often manifested in the industry. Telegenisys is the right business process outsourcing company to meet your needs. For more information on Telegenisys’ service offerings, click here.

1 http://www.forbes.com/sites/panosmourdoukoutas/2011/12/09/the-unintended-consequences-of-outsourcing/

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