Telegenisys Inc.concludes a design competition for a new logo.

Telegenisys Inc. concludes a design competition for a new logo. Selects the highest polling design from over 212 submissions. Using,Telegenisys Inc. setup a design competition to refresh the logo which had been used since the formation of the company in 1994.Telegenisys is the combination of three words TELECOMMUNICATIONS GENESIS SYSTEMS.We asked designers to make the logo proposals meaningful and relevant to who we are. With over 212 submissions, telegenisys polled the results to select the most popular logo submission. A designer named Zenn won the competition and the result was a new logo identity for Telegenisys Inc.

Telegenisys Old Logo - Outsourcing Excellence

Telegenisys New Logo - Service Excellence

We worked hard on this.. we hope you like it.

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