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Most companies that use telemarketing fail to optimize it and suffer in a low yield high maintenance setup. Telegenisys has matured its telemarketing system over two decades. We are systematic, through, and therefore produce consistent predictable results for our client. We use the same level of focus and precision for all products we represent.

Telegenisys has perhaps the most effective planning system in the telemarketing industry. It follows the key steps required to generate success. As you read them, ask yourself, would you rather have a company who does not know these to sell your product?

These are:

  • A clear and complete understanding of the product. This means we study not only what the company says about its product but also understand its reputation in the market through our research.
  • Precise comparison study of competitive products so we can answer questions relating to product in context of what the competitors are pushing as their message.
  • Product attributes are collected and organized so that a the basis of a telephone pitch can be developed. We manage both the strengths and the weaknesses of the product so that both dimensions are covered in our script development and guidance.
  • Targeting the audience is a critical step. In this we search the market for sources of the buyer profiles which meet the requirements of a favorable audience for our telemarketing effort. For each source of calling data we evaluate production percentages by delivery. This allows us to tell which data sources are producing well and reward them with more business.
  • Developing a script and rebuttals is probably the most fundamental process in telemarketing. We will painstakingly develop dozens of script variations as we test them for effectiveness. Our testing process is unique. We create checkpoints in 10 second / 20 second increments and we measure how the person called is reacting to us. Script creation is an iterative activity which develops over the first few weeks of a campaign.
  • The process description is meant to establish our credibility as a responsible partner in telemarketing. As a result of the efforts required to drive success we make sure that these steps are done or have been already completed before we take on projects.

Some of the processes we have direct experience in

  • Phone Services / Long Distance / TV / Integrated Services
    Telegenisys has sold over 45,000 residential accounts per year for several large companies.
  • Satellite TV / Satellite Internet
    Telegenisys has developed mature campaigns that continue to yield consistent results in these segments.
  • Insurance / Home Improvement / Cleaning Services / Janitorial
    We have developed complex scripts and integrated with third party calendars to deploy these campaigns which yield appointments. Appointment setting is a special competency.
  • Car Dealerships / Corporate Sales
    We have developed effective invitation confirmation and deal appointment setting campaigns for car dealerships.

We have developed effective invitation confirmation and deal appointment setting campaigns for car dealerships.

These are among a few of the areas where Telegenisys has demonstrated consistent performance leading to success.

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