Telemarketing services outsourcing – essential for new product launches

Telemarketing services outsourcing – essential for new product launches

August 26, 2009

The fact that telemarketing services outsourcing provides wide ranging benefits to both large and small businesses is now common knowledge. However, not everything about telemarketing services outsourcing and its benefits is known to all, especially less-publicized benefits such as the significant role played by telemarketing services outsourcing in helping ensure the success of new product and service launches.

The relevancy of telemarketing services outsourcing increases even more when the product or service is based on an entirely new concept and when the overall chances of success are below the half-way mark, i.e. 50%. In these cases, it does not make good business sense to invest heavily in conventional advertising and marketing campaigns that can cost a fortune. Instead, a cost-effective marketing campaign targeted at niche market segments is considered more effective and profitable. That’s precisely where the need is felt for telemarketing services outsourcing.

Something that also needs to be highlighted in the context of telemarketing services outsourcing is that small & medium enterprises (smes) need these services more than anyone else. That’s apparently because most smes do not have the financial muscle that is necessary for supporting conventional advertising and marketing campaigns.

Hiring services offered by a telemarketing services outsourcing provider helps because it allows them to target potential markets with great success. When that is achieved, it automatically eliminates the need for conventional advertising and marketing campaigns costing millions of dollars, something that smes can never afford. By choosing telemarketing services outsourcing, smes are thus able to market their new products and services in the most cost-effective manner and also create the desired space for them in the targeted market.

However, a lot depends on the expertise offered by the telemarketing services outsourcing firm and that’s why it’s necessary that businesses select the right outsourcing service provider. Only then they will be able to unlock the full potential of telemarketing services outsourcing.


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