Effects of “do not call registry” on telemarketing services outsourcing

Effects of “do not call registry” on telemarketing services outsourcing

August 26, 2009

The telemarketing industry is a huge business globally and is expected to grow even more in the near future. In us alone it is known to generate nearly $15 billion annual revenue; comprising nearly 5000 companies accounting for almost 60% of the total market share.

How does telemarketing services work?

In telemarketing services, customers and business are contacted to sell products and services either from a call center or a person’s home office. The details pertaining to the prospective customer’s telephone number and other contact details are obtained either from the database or from a public list or directory. Generally, the telemarketing calls are made two or more number of times. First time to determine the need of the customer and second or consequent calls are made to persuade the customer to purchase a specific product or service.

General opinion of people at large about telemarketing services

The opinion at large about telemarketing services is negative. This is due to the fact that most telemarketing calls come at the oddest of hours say in the morning or late night or during dinner times and quality hours with family thus invading the privacy and causing inconvenience to the people. Second reason being most telemarketing offers are associated with fraud schemes and pyramids

Do not call registry – effects on telemarketing services outsourcing

The federal trade commission introduced the “national do not call registry” for dissuading telemarketers from dialing prohibited numbers listed in the data base. But will it hamper the growth of telemarketing service outsourcing providers is the million dollar question?

The introduction of the “do not call registry” though introduced to help consumer live life better and many of the consumers have not actually registered with it. This is a clear indication that telemarketing services outsourcing would continue to grow and expand its reach. Moreover the “national do not call registry” gives complete freedom to businesses to contact existing customer unless the customer has opted for not to be contacted service.

The freedom to call a customer for nearly 18 months from the time of creation of the service relationship acts as a win-win situation for both as the customer gets to know the latest updates about the products and services, add on packages and discounts offered. The company too is able to target the existing customers and markets with great potential for business.

Benefits to customer

The response from the customers in the initial phase of the launch of “do not call registry” was overwhelming. As the years passed, customers started noticing its disadvantages. Many complained they were losing on beneficial trends and promotional news which is now making them switch over to new phone numbers for becoming eligible to get newer proposals from telemarketing service providers. These were the same customers who had activated “do not call” in their previous phones numbers.

The future of telemarketing services outsourcing

The prospects for telemarketing services outsourcing is assumed to remain unaffected by the “do not call registry”. This clearly indicates that the future of telemarketing outsourcing is completely safe. This is due to the fact that the telemarketing service outsourcing is the only cost effective and viable promotional strategy for both domestic and international markets.

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