Why robo-calls cannot replace telemarketing services outsourcing

Why robo-calls cannot replace telemarketing services outsourcing

August 26, 2009

Businesses may have started using robo-calls (prerecorded telemarketing calls) for targeting potential customers, but the realization is soon dawning upon them that such automated telemarketing calls achieve nothing more than the anger and resentment of those who pick up their phones only to find an automated voice trying desperately to sell some sub-par product or service. When the concept of using robocalls was implemented for the first time, some industry experts opined that it would adversely affect the future of telemarketing services outsourcing. That however never happened, most likely because robocalls lack critical advantages that a human telemarketing agent can provide. Let’s have a look at some of those critical advantages.

Telemarketing services professionals can add their personal charm

Marketing has often been described as an art by many experts and that’s quite true because not everyone has the innate ability to convert leads into actual sales. Successful telemarketing outsourcing services professionals know how to use their personal charm while making telemarketing calls, something that allows them to add the human touch, necessary for building the right rapport with the person on the other end.
Telemarketing services outsourcing professionals can analyze customer’s moods, thoughts, preferences etc.
Just spending a few moments on the phone provides enough time to seasoned telemarketing services outsourcing professionals to analyze the customer’s mood, thought process, tastes and preferences, and many other details, necessary for giving the right presentation. If everything appears in order, telemarketing services outsourcing professionals can go ahead and close the deal. On the other hand, if telemarketing services outsourcing professionals find that the time is not right for making an offer, they often take a step back and make the call some other time.
None of these can be achieved by automated robocalling software systems no matter how advanced they might be. The prospect of robocalls replacing telemarketing services outsourcing is thus nothing more than a huge pipe dream


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