Why the benefits of outsourcing to India cannot be matched?

Opportunity of Outsourcing

Well, there are many reasons as to why the benefits of outsourcing to India cannot be matched, but the one that is probably the most prominent is the fact that being a developing country, India has some very useful natural advantages. Human resource acquisition and retention costs, infrastructural development costs and overheads are a lot less in India as compared to that in developed nations such as the US and the UK. This naturally reduces the operational costs of outsourcing companies based in India, something that ultimately gets delivered to clients in the form of cost savings. That’s a natural advantage that cannot be recreated in a laboratory.

There are other developing countries in the world, so why only India? Well, it’s simply because India has the largest English speaking population in the entire list of countries that do not have English as their mother tongue. The English language is quite prevalent in India because the country was a British colony for more than two centuries. The other reason is that the country has a wide network of schools, colleges and universities that use English as the primary medium of instruction. With capacity intakes exceeding hundreds and thousands, these schools and colleges provide a regular supply of the required talents and skills as needed by the outsourcing industry.

The hard work and efforts of those who work in the outsourcing industry in India has also contributed to the phenomenal success achieved by India’s outsourcing companies. Combined with the natural advantages available through outsourcing to India, it has propelled the country to acquire the leadership position in the global outsourcing market.

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