10 Unique ways we make better medical summaries

10 unique ways we make better medical summaries cropped

Our scientific approach to medical record data summarization, supports every assertion we include in our medical summaries with multiple levels of references. Our summaries are provided to our customers in one unified PDF file which includes:

  • The overview page or Page One.
  • The organized record.
  • All the original records as received from the providers.
  • Summary of the records.
  • Structured data in excel format.

Our summaries show the flow of events in chronology, making the records easier to read and follow comprehensively. We present medical facts chronologically with particular attention to the specific use case our clients are engaged in. Our summaries group pertinent details and come along with a fully organized medical record. Every assertion is hyperlinked and bookmarked into the medical record so we can deliver on our promise of accuracy, excellence, and relevance in our presentations.

We support different use cases for example:

  • Personal injury (accidents, negligence, workman’s compensation, medical claims, medical malpractice, etc.)
  • Genomics research and review
  • Clinical and Natural History Studies where retrospective data is required
  • Life underwriting and life settlement underwriting
  • Medical Review Audits (HEDIS, outcome reviews, mortality review committee data organization)
  • Physician Summaries based on case notes
  • Patient intake medical record summaries
  • Customized data extraction and presentation

To know how we make better medical summaries Request our PDF for free:

10 unique ways we make better medical summaries cropped

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