Life expectancy abstracts for life certificates

Medical Data Extraction for Life Certificates

Medical abstract components for life certificates

Structured abstracts save time. Telegenisys applies client rules to put the most relevant information up front for instant access. For life certificates, abstracts are structured to provide underwriters ready to use text, ICD codes and references with hyperlinks for instant access into the medical record to get context for each portion of the abstract.
A typical abstract has:
Sex, SSN, case, contact, smoking history, alcohol use, drug use, date range of records extracted & validatedSpecific medical note sections

General history
Social history
Family history
Vitals / BMI history
Fitness & frailty factors
Exercise, employment, volunteering, attitude, socially active, driving, Independence, chronic pain, allergies, active or sedentary lifestyle, complex poly-pharmacy, memory loss or cognitive decline, living conditions, ambulation aids, gait imbalance or history of falls, weight loss / gain history, MD notes indicating general status decline, Social Isolation etc. More than 40 factors are extracted for the underwriter rating.

Condition chronologies are segmented into primary and secondary depending on the effect of the condition on mortality. Each condition is extracted for grouping with treatment or testing dates. Abstract identifies the earliest known and most current disease status mentioned in records which help in establishing relevance. Patient name validation ensures pages belong to the insured. Additionally, ICD 9 and ICD 10 codes are both identified based on code or disease identification.

Medical data abstract experts at Telegenisys then create a structured presentation based on client’s requirements. M.D. review notes if requested, abstract author, contact information and quality assurance detail.

We assign a dedicated SPOC (single point of contact) to each client to help you transition smoothly to our platform.

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