Data analytics

Telegenisys has teams working on advanced data analysis projects. In these projects, we operate in a near-zero error environment. Our teams adapt to client needs and ensure that SLAs are met and exceeded.

HIPAA compliance

Our teams identify weather medical facility records requests comply with HIPAA guidelines. We review over 60,000 cases per month and catch any compliance errors before requests leave our facility.

Traffic modeling and photographic data reduction

Photo review teams assist in traffic counts on-road segments so that our client is able to submit accurate traffic analysis which is mandatory for the development of traffic models. With millions of dollars at stake, we are careful, accurate, and rapid in our contribution to data analysis and photo review. We have detection and assessment capabilities in these teams to help in ensuring our client’s success in identifying vehicle types and tracing paths they take to their destination.

Gis data input and analysis

We plot highway constraints on satellite imagery so that our clients can do data analysis based on traffic flows. Our client is a software vendor who provides data tools and we augment these tools with real data developed from the photographic analysis.

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