Outsourcing – A new business approach towards workforce management

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“Over the past few years, a great many business leaders have adopted a new approach to their workforce by turning their back on traditional employees in favor of outsourced professionals. even the admin, call answering and customer service function is being delivered by a third party freelancer or agency.”, says Nikki Hesford in her 1article, while reviewing the reasons why businesses moving towards outsourcing. While there are many reasons as to why the benefits of outsourcing cannot be matched, but the one that is probably the most prominent is the fact that outsourcing has some very useful cost-benefit advantages such as Human resource acquisition and retention costs, infrastructural development costs and overheads are a lot less as compared to that in developed nations such as the US and the UK. This reduces the operational costs of outsourcing, something that ultimately gets delivered to clients in the form of cost savings. That’s a primary advantage that cannot be recreated. Other advantages of outsourcing are:

  • Other advantages of outsourcing are the availability of the educated pool of employees
  • allowing companies to focus on core competencies
  • flexibility in starting or scaling the projects rapidly & increased efficiency.

The important fact to note here is Telegenisys outsourcing model does not replace the professionals but enhances them by allowing them to focus on core functions of the business while helping them cover the clerical and base functions. Telegenisys has provided reliable, secure & productive services to American businesses for two decades. Know more


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