BPOs tackle monotony in data entry services outsourcing

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The monotonous nature of work is often one of the main reasons for employee dissatisfaction and disinterest. Data entry services outsourcing firms are well aware of this and that’s why most of them have taken proactive steps to counter monotony. Here are some strategies that data entry services outsourcing firms have implemented in recent years with a view to provide a more conducive work environment for data entry professionals.

Investing in automated systems

Over the years, data entry services outsourcing firms have invested heavily in procuring automated tools and systems. While the main purpose is undeniably efficiency and accuracy improvement, a secondary function it appears, is to reduce the overall quantum of repetitive tasks. Repetitive tasks are one of the main factors that result in monotony and it helps employees when more of such tasks are handled by automated systems. Employees thus get more time to spend on tasks that really require using the brain.
Implementing a short-shift work plan

Most data entry services outsourcing projects require data entry professional to work long hours without losing their focus. This often creates problems since the human brain is just not hard-wired to meet such high standards. When the human brain is forced beyond it limits, it often results in errors and inaccuracies. Data entry services outsourcing firms have experienced this first hand and that is why most of them have now implemented a short-shift work plan. In such plans, data entry professionals work in short-shifts, usually for a period not exceeding 2 hours at a stretch. Some data entry services outsourcing firms have even made it mandatory for employees to take breaks at regular intervals while handling data entry processes.
Launching effective rewards and recognition programs

While the general opinion may be tilted in favor of monetary rewards, the reality is that nothing works better than a sincere appreciation of work done by an employee. Data entry services outsourcing firms have been quick in realizing this and that’s why most of them have launched rewards and recognition programs for their employees. It helps because it creates a win-win for both employees and data entry services outsourcing firms.
The fact that data entry services outsourcing firms have managed to reduce monotony becomes evident when we look at the consistency with which the data entry industry has managed to achieve and sustain double-digit growth rates. Had it not been the case, the data entry services outsourcing industry would have been bitten by the monotony bug a long time ago, leading to complete disruption of data entry outsourcing services. That however has not happened and probably will never happen in the future as well.

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