How to build a medical chronology

building medical chronology

How can a Medical Chronology save you time and money?

A well-indexed and organized medical record reduces 100% of the time spent in sorting the medical records and reduces review time by at least 40%. It indexes timelines and relevant details of the medical events to reflect:

  • The time symptoms occurred.
  • The investigations leading to the diagnosis.
  • The line of treatment provided.
  • The outcome of the treatments, changes in medications.
  • The patient’s current status.
  • An insight on missing records and break in treatments.

A medical chronology can be organized and indexed maintaining the integrity of the original documents as received from the hospitals. This kind of indexing allows healthcare professionals / lawyers / underwriters to easily review medical records for their case studies and present these as exhibits and evidence.

A correctly indexed record is half the battle won. The aim of an indexed report is to improve the speed of comprehension of the reviewer, making his output more efficient and focused.

What is the importance of an organized and indexed medical chronology?

Ask this question to a legal nurse consultant who is working on 20k pages of nursing records!!! Medical chronologies are widely used for medico-legal cases. A well-prepared chronology helps the medico-legal expert to understand the various aspects of the case, quickly identify and pinpoint the event where there is an issue, locate the information that they looking for or the absence thereof.

In the review of claims settlement or in legal cases, the medical chronology is often referred to in investigation, preparation of trials, examining witnesses, and processing of claims. In the case of personal injury cases, medical chronology helps in understanding the nature of the injury, the patient’s past medical history, and its impact on the injury, and based on this information legal experts can decide the line of action.

The purpose of creating a chronology is to save the time of experts by highlighting facts and enabling them to focus on the best plan of action.

Key points for building Medical Chronology

Medical chronology can be very easy to follow. Making such a chronology takes more time and effort, but it plays a very crucial role in the acceptance or rejection of a case review.

A medical chronology can be focused, precise, and unbiased which can be customized to suit the needs. Missing records are identified and communicated. Important information can be highlighted (stages of diseases, surgeries, specific events, diagnostic reports, labs report).

Medical summarizers at Telegenisys arrange Physician’s/Surgeon’s consultation notes/orders, laboratory reports, diagnostic reports, medications, fitness and frailty factors in their respective diseases/conditions in an accurate chronological order.

Where can I get a perfect medical chronology? How do I know it is the best?

At Telegenisys we create medical chronologies using our software VMR (Visualize Medical Record). This software facilitates easy access to all the information available in a patient’s medical record. In VMR, each medical record gets grouped based on the bookmarks.

Telegenisys has created software to look at medical chronology by topic and relevance to the reason for review. VMR software creates many chronological indexes and creates bookmarks based on:

  • Event chronology (latest to earliest records by date and time with page links).
  • Event-type (for example if several medical emergency events appear in the medical record, a click on any particular bookmark will directly navigate to that particular event and provides with all labs and relevant medication related to that particular event).
  • Provider and provider types, (helps to identify providers and their care specialty).
  • Medication type (helps to understand the tolerance and or rejection of a medication).
  • ICD codes (ICD 9 and ICD 10) so you can easily access the set of records related to a particular disease listed in the medical records.
  • Customized medical terms as required by the client be it underwriters for insurance, medical reviewers for lawyers, or principals in clinical trials.

This software helps our medical summarizers to arrange disorganized medical records quickly into properly arranged and accurate chronological records resulting in error-free and authoritative medical summaries. VMR’s output is a thorough text-based medical record summary that is presented chronologically – making it easy to understand as a sequence of events as effectively and quickly as possible. Know more about Medical chronologies

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