Data analytics

Data is the fuel on which the engine of modern business runs. Businesses and governments alike use data analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of current operations and carefully plan adjustments for future improvements. Just as the quality of fuel can have a great impact on the performance of an engine, the quality of data is vitally important to decision makers in these sectors.

Telegenisys strives to provide the highest quality data analytics for its clients, operating in a near zero error environment. Our clients have the advantage of using only the most accurate data which allows for the most informed decision making possible. There are several fields in particular that we operate in on a regular basis. Our clients in these industries require that we provide only the most accurate data, and are able to deliver that quality time and time again.

HIPAA compliant data collection

Telegenisys regularly receives a large number of requests from clients regarding protected healthcare information. Each of the nearly 60,000 cases we handle each month is carefully examined to ensure that all regulations regarding the release of private health information is strictly adhered to. Failure to properly evaluate a case results in the company being out of compliance with HIPAA, which can result in severe penalties and fines. Our near zero defect environment ensures that sensitive documentation will be processed in a careful and compliant manner.

Traffic modeling and photographic data reduction

Our skilled data analytics teams are able to quickly and accurately process photographs, taking careful count of the total number of vehicles, the type of vehicle, and the path that vehicle takes to its destination. Accurate data reporting to the client is essential to ensure that proper decisions regarding future construction work and road improvements. Our teams are further empowered with detection and assessment capabilities to that they can quickly contribute accurate data to clients. With millions of dollars on the line, our client needs to know that they data he is receiving is completely accurate. Our commitment to excellence means that important decisions can be made with confidence.

GIS input and data analytics

Traffic flow is measured and studied by our client using in part highway constraints that we have plotted on satellite imagery. The client then provides us with a software tool which we augment with real time data derived from ongoing photographic data analytics. Throughout this process, flawless attention to detail is necessary to achieve the desired outcomes. The precise coordinates of the highways must be accurately graphed in order for our client to produce proper statistics about traffic flow in the particular area of interest. Data derived from photographic analysis must be properly transferred to the software tool for it in order for the proper result to be reached.

The near zero error environment maintained here at Telegenisys allows our clients to continually come to us confident that they will receive the highest quality data in a timely manner. This not only gives a competitive advantage but a peace of mind that accurate data analytics will lead to better decision making.

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