Is your medical records retrieval service harming your patients?

Medical Records Retrieval Outsourcing service in USA

A pew charitable trusts study found that the automatic record matching systems cause frequent errors with 20% of hospital chief information officers reporting patient harm caused by these incorrect records. These incorrect matches are caused by human data entry errors, fuzzy matches and demographic information changes caused by patients changing address or phone numbers. Medical Records Retrieval is more than just request and delivery. It’s a vital part of the patient care process and it demands that proper attention be paid at every step. You need a team that has been successfully finding the correct contacts at the right record holders, verifying the resulting records and properly integrating each response in with the total patient record for over a decade.

It’s time to stop gambling that either the computer or your overworked staff will catch mismatched records. Call or contact us today for a complete medical records integration service that doesn’t let the patients who depend on you fall through the cracks.

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