ISO 9001:2008

Telegenisys Data Center Achieved ISO 9001:2008 Fairfield, CA: January 18th, 2015 – Telegenisys Inc. is committed to delivering the highest quality standards possible. Towards this goal of quality assurance Telegenisys Data Operations Center was granted ISO 9001 certification. The data center demonstrated to external auditors the care taken while handling operational components and data systems and its physical offices.

Mark Merani, CEO said “Receiving ISO 9001 certification demonstrates our commitment to consistently deliver a reliable and high quality results to our clients. Our healthcare and insurance clients require a high level of care in case handling with strict SLAs and no defect in HIPAA compliant work. This certification ensures that our staff goes the extra mile to maintain a quality environment. For our GIS data entry operation this assures predefined accuracy of delivered results. Our Telegenisys team is proud of this achievement. Telegenisys results were certified by SMS Certification Services Pvt. Ltd. which is accredited by USAC (United States Accreditation).

Telegenisys joins many leading global businesses that have earned the prestigious ISO 9001 certification, to realize the following benefits:

Independent validation to the highest standards of quality assurance

Assurance of contractual, statutory, and regulatory standards

Enhanced customer satisfaction that improves client retention
Companies interested in learning more about Telegenisys’ collaborative smart sourcing solutions, or viewing Telegenisys’ ISO 9001 certification, can find more information at


Telegenisys Inc. is a Delaware corporation with its primary headquarters in California. It was formed in 1994 as a technology company. Since then it has grown for more than a decade in a broad set of disciplines specializing in insurance services, marketing support and research. In 1999 Telegenisys Inc. opened its second operation center in Pune, located in the State of Maharashtra, India.

Telegenisys activities span four key focus areas.

  • GIS Data Analysis, Photo / Video Analysis, Artifact Identification and Mapping Analysis:
  • Data Entry and Data Reduction:
  • Market Research and Demand Generation Assistance:
  • Technical Support of for Products:

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