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Medical chronologies should be medical grade

As a healthcare services firm, We understand how to present medical data so its easy to understand and use. Our summaries are hyper referenced information from the department of health and human services, Federal Drug Administration along with deep references on every medical provider using the national provider index database. Its simpler than ever to review medical chronologies, let us show you how.

Understand patient history in minutes

Our patient condition chronology shows you the exact patient history by diagnosis using ICD10 and ICD 9 database codes.  We find data using a proprietary hyper reference technology that shows you everything the patient has experienced one medical event at a time.  In a couple of pages, You can get a complete picture of your client’s medical history.  There are dozens of other references to help you understand and litigate or negotiate like a medical professional.

Know providers patient has seen instantly

Our chronologies provide a positive confirmation of healthcare provider identity, their specialties (using official taxonomy references) and each medical event they participated in by type of provider. see what types of doctors or providers your client has seen along with the number to times and date references right into the medical record move in seconds inside a medical record using our dual referencing with bookmarks and tabular content pages.

Find any medical event within seconds

Our event model does not depend on optical character recognition.  regardless of the quality of pages, Our event segmentation breaks down the medical record into events which can be viewed in the sequence desired. When you are in a meeting and you need to get to a date in the medical record fast, There is no better way to get there.  bookmarks or table of contents we get you to medical data instantly

Extensive references give you the edge

Medical terminology, drugs from the national institute of health’s RxNorm database, event type references, and dual referencing features allow you to rapidly review medical information without assuming your expertise or knowledge of medical jargon. Know when a pediatrician is offering a geriatric opinion using declared specialties.

Over 100 medical summary formats

Our unparalleled chronology model is backed up by more than 100 styles of summaries. Personal Injury, Workmans comp., Medical malpractice, Mass Tort and virtually any other type of medical review is supported with experienced professionals under the guidance of medical professionals.

What is a medical chronology?

Medical chronology is a document that presents relevant details of medical events on a timeline. Typically medical chronologies list category of service, the healthcare provider, date of visit and outcome of the medical event.  Generally, a chronology itself is of limited use unless hyperlinked references are provided into the medical record. Medical chronologies are evolving by referencing document types, provider taxonomies (specialties), medical conditions (typically using ICD 10 and ICD 9 codes that specify the problem) among other references. Good chronologies speed up the medical review process and provide the exact nature of the patient’s medical issues.

How do medical chronologies help in a medical review?

A medical record can be hundreds of pages especially when there are a large number of medical issues being managed by a variety of healthcare providers. Medical chronologies ensure that medical events can be reviewed rapidly so that decisions can be made on legal, insurance or healthcare actions to be taken.  Our medical-grade summaries are respected by attorneys, insurance companies and healthcare providers because they are based on a deep understanding gained through the review of a large number of cases.

How our medical chronologies are built?  Simply higher quality medical review reference!

Telegenisys develops medical data for medical research, healthcare, insurance, and legal uses.  We have a deep understanding of medical conditions and our hyper referencing system is unique.  We use 5.4 million healthcare provider database maintained by the Department Of Health and Human Services ( to identify hospitals and doctors with their declared specialties (taxonomy codes). Similarly, when we look at conditions we use the entire ICD 10 & 9 billing code indexes to reference medical conditions found in the record. Our software references every known drug approved by the FDA (US Food & Drug Administration) and every known abbreviation known. Our system is designed to reference over 500,000 medical attributes providing clear reference and categorization of medical data.

Why Choose Us?

Unlike many others who develop medical summaries, Telegenisys is a medical services business. We bring our expertise in developing medical grade documentation for healthcare to your law practice. Seeking expertise in this field can be hard so we have produced a research report on how we do work and if you would like to know what distinguishes us I highly recommend reading it.


Review patient record In minutes

Medical Chronologies that display date references to every known condition and disease progression over time.  Instead of reviewing hundreds of pages review the medical record in as much detail as desired by examining only relevant medical events

Navigate from any page instantly by extensive bookmarks

Medical record bookmarks for every medical event segmented by diseases condition, event type, healthcare provider, drug use among many other reference bookmarks.

Hyperlink by type of medical condition, type of healthcare provider or date

Highly hyperlinked for rapid review, our medical summaries are designed for fast and comprehensive review.

 See our examples for how we speed up medical review.

Telegenisys medical record summaries and medical chronologies arm your law firm with exactly the right details to negotiate a settlement, examine a witness based on recorded facts, or go to trial. Hyperlinked summaries help you avoid any pitfalls or surprises buried in the records. As a busy attorney, it can become cumbersome to handle multiple medical malpractice or personal injury cases involving hundreds of factors at one time. With so many complexities in these cases and attorneys occupied handling all aspects of the case, its far more effective for them to have hyperlinked medical chronologies to rapidly react to issues. We can help to create these summaries rapidly and comprehensively. It’s not difficult to get out from under a mountain of paperwork when you have medical files organized and hyperlinked. Simply specify how you’d like the summary customized, and Telegenisys provides you with an at-a-glance medical summary and timeline that allows the story to be told in one concise document.

Telegenisys’ medical chronologies include a review of every page of medical records and identification of:

  • Pre- and post-existing conditions and accidents
  • All healthcare providers reports summarized
  • Complaints and diagnoses timelines
  • Medications timeline
  • Employment as provided
  • Billing subtotals and grand totals for each intervention
  • Consistency of claimant’s statements as noted in records


To provide a comprehensive medical summary Telegenisys sifts through complex medical records identifying, organizing and cleaning up the documents first into a medical intervention timeline. Data is then classified based on report type (types of physician notes, labs, radiology, prognosis and treatment plans). Once classified a summary is prepared both chronologically and by each condition. If the summary is being created as a result of an incident, pre-incident and post-incident reports are indicated on the timeline.

All timelines are hyperlinked first to the medical chronologies and then to the medical summary. All elements are presented in ONE PDF file so that attorneys do not need to search for paperwork while discussing case strategy, preparing briefs, taking depositions, filing actions, etc. A unified view of medical reports provides faster and improved attorney action.

Outsourcing can streamline the process and make it much more efficient.

When attorneys can focus on strategy and actual case actions with well-prepared materials they become more efficient and can process more volume of work. It can be very time consuming to sort through medical records. Our summaries improve the process by:

Preparation & Groundwork:

  • Assessment: case overview/extent of the injury
  • Exhibits: preparing and notating exhibits
  • A comprehensive view of medical conditions
  • Unrelated medical conditions reviewed
  • Expert testimony totations (current and future)

Merits & Substantiation:

  • Validate medical review nature of injury or illness
  • Document symptoms, treatment, and prognosis of each injury and/or illness based on the records

Unparalleled medical chronologies and summaries give you a competitive edge.

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