Medical chronologies should be medical grade

Medical Chronology Source Tables

After over 2 years of research, Telegenisys has developed the most authoritative Medical record indexing and medical summary/chronology format for attorneys involved in personal injury actions. Using this format, attorneys can look at medical facts in several dimensions by chronological order. Our pdf formats allow attorneys to not only look at medical facts by date but  also based on different requirements such as medical condition, drug use, type of treatment, type of medical practitioner, provider, and provider type, etc. One unified record of the client provides multiple Medical record indexes and medical summary arranged chronologically. It answers any question that attorneys, insurance adjusters, or any participant in a legal proceeding may have. You get instant access to any medical fact using bookmarks and hyperlinks. Telegenisys’ medical and paramedical professionals create documents that are easy to comprehend, backed by exhaustive reference and authoritative in facts. 

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