Medical records simplified – Medical review software

medical records simplified - medical review software

Typically you start with a series of medical records from diverse providers (hospitals, doctors, specialists, etc.) We unify the medical record into a single complete referenced work file which allows you to see the highlights on one page regardless of the size of the medical record or the number of PDF files you are dealing with. The first page of the medical record looks like this:

overview of medical record organization

This is a big difference from starting with a bunch of files. The rest of the indexes in our fully organized hyperlinked files can be found here

Our research report tells you how this sort of organization can make your medical reviews more accurate, faster, and authoritative. All our references come from databases including NPI index for providers, Taxonomy for specialties, ICD codes for disease indexes, RxNorm for medications. When you get an organized file from Telegenisys you can be sure you will make an impression on your customers.

Besides speed and accuracy, organizing medical records allow you to include links to digital references in your own work thus offering an audit trail for your medical assertions. If standards of care are not followed you can easily reference the entire medical record in one file by page number and hyperlink.

We would love for you to see a demo of this type of organization in action. Let us know when you have time for us to show you examples of how we reference medical data for you. Your competitive edge is to up your game, this type of software allows you to compete with excellence and demonstrate your expertise.  Click below to book a Free Demonstration:

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