Outsourcing in India – a great success story

Just a few decades back, hardly anyone had the slightest idea that outsourcing in India would turn out to be such a grand success story. However, even without the sense of inevitability, the outsourcing success story became a big reality for india and today it is contributing significantly to india’s economical and social growth. Generating billions of dollars in revenues every year, outsourcing has played a significant role in transforming the social fabric of the country, making it’s people feel a lot more confident about their present and a lot more optimistic about their future. Aspirations have risen as a result of the immense growth propelled by the outsourcing industry and people in india are now more confident that their country will one day emerge as a superpower.

Why exactly did the outsourcing success story happen in India?

And why not in some other developing countries such as china, which is a manufacturing superpower? Well, the main reason is that India has probably the largest number of industry-ready professionals who are proficient in both spoken and written English. The country was a British colony once and that very well explains why the general populace is largely English-literate. Sourcing world-class technical and managerial skill sets is also not a problem in India because the country has many reputed colleges and universities that satisfy the every growing demand of the outsourcing industry.

The outsourcing success story may already be huge in India, but if we look at the growing outsourcing demand from clients in the us and the uk, it would be correct to assume that there still exists immense potential. As a successful industry, the outsourcing success story in India is thus quite likely to continue for many more years.

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