Past medical history helps assess life expectancy

Past Medical History (PMH) is perhaps the most important section of doctors’ notes impacting longevity assessment.  When looked at medical conditions chronologically these provide a progression of disease severity or resolution.  Unresolved diseases with chronic symptoms impact life expectancy and form the basis of life expectancy assessments.

Both genetic and lifestyle diseases find their way into this section of medical records.  Looking at PMH over time provides a chronological view of patient health.


Telegenisys studies PMH for extracting ICD 9/10 disease mentions over time.  This data is used to list and rate comorbidities impacting longevity assessment.  For a deeper discussion on how disease data can be mined for life expectancy assessment, we suggest the following discussion.

Telegenisys uses over 100 comorbidities in ICD classifications and over 40 disease severity attributes to develop a life expectancy model from a medical record.  Since we start from third party medical records we first develop a database in order to probe the data for medical conditions that impact longevity.

Underwriting ready

Once the data model is created we provide a medical assessment for underwriters to evaluate in applying their own specific life tables and disease assessment to develop their life expectancy certificate (LE Certificates).

Specialized medical software

We have developed the past disease data model after the study of millions of pages of medical records for longevity assessments.  Often we present these assessment databases with our reports so that our clients can probe deeper into the medical records.  Our reports are often the framework of the underwriting output of our clients.  Telegenisys has developed specialized software to build these databases.

Underwriting relevance

Since PMH factors are most relevant for current data we typically classify relevancy as highest for the past three years of medical records.  PMH tends to be relevant beyond this for chronic diseases with high severity ratings.

Personal history reviews by Telegenisys

For the most comprehensive view of past medical history reviews in longevity, reports reach out to us for examples or have us do some samples of work for you. We make it easy to customize medical condition discussions so that publishing your medical history findings is comprehensive, accurate, and clear.

Caseworkers at Telegenisys are always on the lookout for life-threatening conditions and the risks they pose. Detailed probing in personal medical history by the experts at Telegenisys flag the potential for higher mortality and alert the underwriter of the risk.

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