Past medical history helps assess life expectancy

Life expectancy assessments rely heavily on understanding a patient’s past medical history (PMH). This history reveals past illnesses and their potential impact on how long someone might live. Telegenisys helps you analyze PMH quickly and accurately, giving you the tools to make informed underwriting decisions.

Why Past Medical History Matters

A patient’s medical records are like a timeline, showing their health journey over time. PMH is the part of the record that details past illnesses and any ongoing health issues. By looking at PMH chronologically, we can see how diseases have progressed, how severe they are, and how they might affect a person’s lifespan. This includes both genetic conditions and health issues caused by lifestyle choices.

How Telegenisys Can Help

Telegenisys offers a comprehensive approach to analyzing PMH:

  • Fast and Clear Summaries: Our medical experts will provide a clear and easy-to-understand summary of your client’s PMH within 48 hours. This report goes beyond just listing medical conditions; it also includes insights from our medical professionals.
  • Easy-to-Use Information: Every medical condition, doctor involved, vital sign reading, medication, lab test result, and radiology report mentioned in the PMH will be clearly categorized and linked for easy reference. You can quickly find the specific details you need.
  • Data You Can Use: We don’t just give you a report; we also provide a spreadsheet with all the information extracted from the PMH. This data can be easily imported into your preferred software for further analysis.
  • Visual Timelines: See the data come to life with our unique vertical and horizontal timeline charts included in the spreadsheet. These charts make it easy to see how a person’s health has changed over time.

Benefits for Underwriters

Our reports are designed to fit seamlessly into your existing underwriting workflow:

  • Ready for Underwriting: The data in our reports follows industry standards, including ICD-9/10 codes for diseases and severity ratings. This means the information can be easily used with your existing life tables and disease assessment processes, allowing you to generate accurate Life Expectancy Certificates (LE Certificates) quickly.
  • Powerful Software: We’ve developed specialized software to analyze millions of medical records specifically for life expectancy assessments. This software creates robust data models that form the foundation of our reports, giving you a solid basis for your underwriting decisions. We can even share these models with you if you want to delve deeper into the data.
  • Focus on What Matters Most: We understand that not all parts of a PMH are equally important. Our reports prioritize the most recent three years of data, which is most relevant for life expectancy assessments. However, we will also include information on older chronic conditions if they are severe.

Get Expert Help

Unsure about a specific medical condition in a PMH? Telegenisys can help. Our experienced medical professionals can review complex medical situations and explain how they might affect life expectancy. We can also customize the way medical conditions are discussed in our reports to match your existing reporting style.

The Telegenisys Advantage

Our team of experts carefully analyzes PMH to identify and highlight any life-threatening conditions and the associated risks. This detailed analysis ensures underwriters have all the information they need to make informed decisions.

Why Choose Telegenisys?

  • Fast and Accurate: Get clear and accurate PMH summaries from medical experts within 48 hours.
  • Easy to Use: Our reports are designed for easy navigation and analysis, with clear categories and linked information.
  • Seamless Integration: Our data follows industry standards for smooth integration with your underwriting workflow.
  • Expert Insights: Get valuable advice from our medical professionals through case reviews and customized reports.
  • Data You Can Use: Export PMH data to your preferred format for further analysis.

Telegenisys can help you unlock the power of past medical history and streamline your life expectancy assessments. Contact us today to learn more about how we can empower your underwriting team.

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