Telegenisys doubles its video analytics group

Video analytics service

Telegenisys has seen exceptional growth in image and video tagging groups, expanding its team to review more types of media assets.

FAIRFIELD, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 17, 2021 — Telegenisys has seen exceptional growth is image and video tagging groups in 2021. Based on client needs the team has been expanded to review more types of multimedia assets. By developing a training system to spot anomalies and expected targets in media streams TGS delivers on its promise of precision data extraction from video assets.

Video tagging has seen an exciting growth trend. From helping clients track their media effectiveness by tagging brand presence to security applications Telegenisys offers a broad set of video tagging and data extraction services. Increasingly our work is being used to train AI or review the output of AI data extraction. Ensuring precision is our focus and this increase in our team size means we have demonstrated measurable success.” said Mark Merani, CEO

We bring value to our clients by implementing ISO quality and security standards for every project we work on. Our team growth is a consequence of implementing intelligent quality assurance metrics. To ensure results we develop methods and training for every project so we can ensure. This allows us to flex staffing while adapting to quality metrics rapidly to meet client needs. Ultimately team growth stems from team commitment and this team have consistently demonstrated excellence” says Henry Cobb, Vice President of Operations

Some ways Telegenisys video analytics can help

1. Manufacturing / Assembly Quality Review and Assurance Reporting
2. Organizing Healthcare Diagnostics
3. Equipment & Inventory Review
4. Security Incident Review & Reporting
5. Problem detection such as leaks or excessive equipment vibration etc.
6. Media effectiveness in advertising and sponsorships

Leveraging experience management and staff, Telegenisys can generate results in large projects. Staff members are well versed in ISO quality and security standards for every project they work on. TGS’s team growth stems from a commitment to excellence demonstrated by the team.
Some image patterns challenge AI use, however, Telegenisys staff ensures that the results of data extraction from media are accurate. Achieving precision is the focus of TGS and this has been shown with their team growth in video tagging groups.
The multimedia group at Telegenisys has a specialty in engineering multimedia extraction from audio and image sources. The team has seen exceptional growth in 2017, doubling its video and multimedia asset tagging group

About Telegenisys

Telegenisys Multimedia Group is a division of Telegenisys Inc. a Delaware company with primary offices in Fairfield, California. The group operates on two continents with a second office in Pune, India. The multimedia group has, for over five years, been the leader in providing the best solutions to clients. We have done this by adding value and delivering within its client’s budgets. Its continued growth is due to its dedication and dependability. Telegenisys works for the world’s largest TV intelligence network is proud to offer media analytics services for their clients. Telegenisys also specializes in Video Analytics, healthcare informatics, GIS and traffic engineering support, traffic studies, data analytics, and data entry services.

Mark Merani
Telegenisys Inc.
+1 844-903-0777

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