Aerial photography

From its earliest developments, aerial photography has always provided a broad perspective for spatial features. With the advent of time lapse and rapid frame photography, measurements can be taken of changes in motion. Aerial Photography is significantly important for GIS projects, as it can provide details about the spatial data, such as structures, geographic features (i.e. Rivers, Hills), vegetation, and so forth; all these are important for better understanding of landscape, property, land use etc. In remote sensing, aerial photography established the base of Photogrammetry (mapping from aerial photographs), and this technique largely utilized by cartographers, geographers, planners, environment specialists, and the military. Telegenisys has provided support for several state DOT contracts along with its partners to perform data reduction by counting vehicles, tracing vehicle movements and creating other data for analysis models being used by contractors for DOT analysis work. Telegenisys analysts are great at analyzing photo sources for such data and tracking sometimes hard to see features for model development.
Understanding the Nursing Home Data Sets to reference medical data

Understanding the Nursing Home Data Sets to reference medical data

Legal professionals face difficulties identifying crucial information from a large volume of pages in medical records. Telegenisys organizes cases...
10 unique ways we make better medical summaries cropped

10 Unique ways we make better medical summaries

Our scientific approach to medical record data summarization, supports every assertion we include in our medical summaries with multiple levels of...

Wishing you a happy new year 2021

Wishing you a very Happy New Year 2021 from team Telegenisys!
Understanding medical terminology

Understanding medical terminology in medical records

Using HHS's standard medical terminology ensures that medical and healthcare staff have common understanding, and nothing is lost in...
building medical chronology

How to build a medical chronology

How can a Medical Chronology save you time and money? A well-indexed and organized medical record reduces 100% of the time spent in sorting the...

Making sense of PDF medical records – A research report

Over 5 million medical reviews each business day are done based on medical PDF/acrobat records. Telegenisys was no different but three years ago we...

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