Six Tips for Quick and Easy Access to Client Medical Records

Six Tips for Quick and Easy Access to Client Medical Records

Sources And Availability Of Medical Records

Medical records are medical information about a patient’s medical history. They can be retrieved from medical providers, such as hospitals and clinics. This is an important part of the discovery process in any medical malpractice or personal injury case that your law firm may take on. It’s also critical for any potential settlement negotiations. For this reason, it is imperative to have quick and easy access to medical records during these proceedings.

Medical Records Form The Basis Of A Medical Claim

Complete and relevant medical records are important for personal injury cases because they provide a medical basis for the claim to cover a patient’s injuries. These medical records may include incident reports, initial exam information, checkups, medical procedures, medical images, and more. It is a good idea to have medical records retrieved and stored electronically for easy access during depositions or litigation because physical medical records can be difficult to organize from multiple medical providers.

Medical Record Retrieval Can Be Streamlined

Getting these medical records on time from medical facilities can be difficult. Some medical providers don’t respond to requests for medical records in a timely manner. Others charge excessive fees for medical record retrieval services, which can be cost-prohibitive when law firms are dealing with multiple medical facilities and patients. That is why it’s important to have reliable medical records retrieval services right at their fingertips.

Professional Retrieval Services Can Make Paralegals More Efficient

The paralegals have enough work on their hands, which is why medical records retrieval services should be available to the law firms quickly. Law firms can’t afford for them to have yet another task on their plates, especially one that will take up a lot of time they could spend working towards getting the best possible outcome for the client.

Retrieval Specialists Can Contain Retrieval Costs

The best way to reduce the cost and hassle of medical record retrieval is to hire a medical record retrieval specialist. You can get medical records retrieval services quickly, easily, and affordably. These medical record experts will also handle the legwork of getting medical records for law firms because they have experience dealing with medical providers to retrieve medical information. Generally the outcome of outsourcing to a quality firm is electronic retrieval of high quality records that are meaningful to the case rapidly.

Outsourcing your record retrieval process significantly reduces the time spent by their staff on medical record retrieval, which will allow them to focus on other important tasks. It also reduces the cost of medical records retrieval services by allowing the law firm access to medical records quickly and affordably.

Telegenisys Is Experienced, Mature And Superbly Effective In Record Retrieval

At Telegenisys, our record retrieval process is specially designed to support billing retrieval and our follow-through medical record retrieval services are efficient, accurate, and timely. With more than a decades’ worth of medical record retrieval experience, our medical records specialists can get medical records for the law firms quickly and easily. Some features of our process are:

  • 5.4 Million providers in our database, organized by specialities and qualifications. We can source records faster and with more precision.
    Multiple facility records based on provider / physician affiliations with medical facilities.
  • Near instant initiation of record requests with a large number of templates.
  • Customized RUSH options including overnight retrievals
  • Specialized physician requested retrievals
  • Record sufficiency to ensure clients have the data they require
  • Rapid response team to deal with deposition, trial, and other calendar events for cases
  • Electronic access to all data
  • The most advanced system for medical record organization and digitization
  • High quality medical referencing using UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)
  • Unparalleled flexibility and views for medical summary data
  • Highest quality versatile summaries for medical review and recovery action

If you want to know more how outsourcing medical record retrieval can save cost for your law form, Contact Us and our team of medical experts will get in touch with you.

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