Telegenisys enters medical insurance services

Telegenisys bpo USA

Telegenisys, the world-class international call center has always been committed towards providing the best support services to businesses and organizations worldwide. We have a proven track record in providing highly professional call center services; easily evident from the growing list of satisfied clients to whom we currently provide our services. Recently, we entered the high-end call center services segment that includes proprietary and classified support services such as medical insurance back office services.

Entering the high-end medical insurance call center services was no doubt difficult but we stood up to the challenge and did not get bogged down with the usual initial hiccups. To ensure professionalism in our international medical insurance call center services, we hired only the most talented and skilled support representatives, most having prior experience in medical insurance call centers. We also upgraded our existing infrastructure as required for providing highly efficient medical health insurance call center services. Theoretical training sessions as well as preliminary on the job training sessions also helped a lot in our efforts to achieve the desired level of professionalism and offer world class medical insurance plan call center services to our client.

So, if you have similar outsourcing needs, just contact us.

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