Vendors and providers need to create strong health data security

Strong Health Data Security with Hipaa compliance
When it comes to maintaining HIPAA compliance, both healthcare providers and their chosen third-party vendors – or business associates – need to work together for comprehensive and current health data security.

According to Tim Feldman, Vice President and General Manager of Healthcare Compliance & Reimbursement at Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory US, “Compliance can get organizations into trouble if they think of it as a destination. Compliance requires a commitment. It’s not a point in time; it’s an ongoing state of being. The organization really has to be vigilant, continue to evolve, and constantly be testing its compliance capabilities. It needs to constantly be training its employees.

It can be very difficult for organizations to identify compliance as an ongoing commitment. All of their hard work will quickly falloff if they don’t maintain their vigilance and guarantee they are current on changes in the law. Entities must also have their teams undergo proper training and reminders for what it means to be a protector of a covered entity’s PHI and the responsibility that goes along with that, Feldman stressed. ref

HIPAA compliance can be a long and complex process that is crucial to the successful operation of any successful business in the healthcare field. All of the health data security regulations must be known in great detail and the responsible entities must have the personnel to successfully institute the policies necessary under the HIPAA privacy laws. Telegenisys recently completed third party auditing to ensure that privacy and data security standards are sufficient to ensure complete compliance with HIPAA.

Telegenisys has maintained these standards despite handling over 60,000 medical cases per month. Know more…

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