Business process outsourcing – More than a strategic business deal

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In layman’s terms, business process outsourcing can easily be defined as a strategic business deal, because it does help in achieving targeted business goals and objectives. However, if we properly analyze some of the most successful outsourcing contracts, it won’t take us long to realize that outsourcing contracts represent a lot more than just the benefits normally available through a strategic business deal. Upon analysis, it would become quite clear that the main reason for successful outsourcing contracts has been the constant focus on treating the relationship more of a partnership than a standalone business deal.

Looking beyond individual interests and coming together to share a common vision are the main factors that determine the success of outsourcing contracts and since these are achievable only when the basics tenets of partnership are followed, both clients and outsourcing service providers need to ensure that they are implemented. For that, both clients and providers will have to take appropriate action such as increasing intra-departmental and interpersonal interactions, opening multiple communications channels, sharing problems and issues, and suggesting solutions and remedial measures.

All this will help in creating a favorable work environment for both clients and providers, just like a partnership. It will be enough for realizing the full potential of business process outsourcing, even though the outsourcing contract will technically continue to be considered a strategic business deal.

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