When call center services outsourcing cannot be ignored

August 25, 2009

Call center services outsourcing has become a need of the hour for many businesses who are aiming to improve their business profits by cutting down on expenditures while still maintaining the quality of their services. Business giants such as Hershey Foods, Time Warner and even Wall Street Journal are claiming that they have outsourced their business to reduce costs.

The importance of call center in the modern competitive world is clearly visible. Call center services includes a range of support services such as technical support, sales support, telemarketing and customer service. Though the overall performance efficiency of call center service outsourcing projects is seen at around 70%, there is plenty of scope for improvement. For this businesses need to take things seriously and work towards identifying call centers suited for outsourcing, by working out the cost structure and also estimating the least time frame within which the estimated proposed outsourcing project can be executed.

Call Center Services Outsourcing – Value Proposition

As per a Contact Center Outsourcing – Annual Report 2014 published by Everest Group, the call center outsourcing services market recorded seven-percent growth in 2013 valuing US$70-75 billion. The report also reveals that contact center outsourcing companies are providing world-class services to their clients by refining the processes and higher returns on their investments.

Majority of established outsourcing services providers have acquired high level of expertise and experience in providing these services to global clientele for different processes. The performance of call center over the years has helped to forge the belief that call center outsourcing services helps a business achieve high end objectives, effective cost reductions, improvement in performance efficacy and an increase satisfied customer base. By doing a self critical analysis about the impending needs and requirements, a business will be able to ascertain whether or not it is in need of outsourcing.

Call Center Services Outsourcing – Scenarios Not To Ignore

  1. When there is a likelihood of increased customer base as a result of launching of a new service or a new product or promotional campaign. The anticipated increased customer base and support services can be handled effectively through call center outsourcing services..
  2. When there is a need to provide 24×7 online help arising out of the complications involved in the service or product. Through call center services outsourcing, it can not only be made easily affordable but also manageable.
  3. Business where call volumes tend to fluctuate giving plenty of time to the call center team. In such cases operation flexibility can be achieved through outsourcing of call center services.
  4. Reduction of operational costs is easily achievable with the help of call center services outsourcing in competitive businesses where a business wants to compete with the rival business competitor who has slashed the prices of products and services.
  5. Finally, for ensuring the success of a call center outsourcing project. A business needs to clearly plan and define the need for outsourcing along with analyzing on how it will benefit them in the long run. This will help a business to plan, strategize and implement them in an orderly manner and thus achieve greater heights of success in the process.

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