Inbound process outsourcing – why multi-channel support Is necessary


Multi-channel support for inbound process outsourcing refers to the use of multiple technologies such as phone, email, chat and online knowledge-base while rendering customer support services. The effectiveness of multi-channel support in inbound process outsourcing is amply clear, but what many people are unaware of are the reasons that have made it a necessity. Let’s try to figure out some of those reasons and see if it helps us to understand the importance of multi-channel support in inbound process outsourcing.

Varying personal tastes and preferences

Not all customers think alike even if they might be using the same product or service. Each has a different set of personal tastes and preferences that define how he or she will respond to the offered product or service. The same applies to inbound process outsourcing wherein customers decide how they would like to use available customer support services. A significant percentage will use available toll-free phone lines for getting answers and solutions for their problems, but there will also be customers who will choose from other available options such as email, chat and online knowledge-base. That explains why most businesses now prefer multi-channel support for their inbound process outsourcing projects.

The need for providing uninterrupted customer support

Most customers would react negatively if they were unable to get through to customer support services. Having multi-channel support helps, apparently because if a particular service channel is down due to technical issues or some other reason, customers can choose from other available channels that might still be operational. For example, if the customer support phone lines are down, customers can choose from the remaining options such as email support, chat support, online knowledge-base, forums etc. Multi-channel support is thus the best damage-control tool that can come in handy during difficult times.

No major cost escalations

Providing multi-channel support in inbound process outsourcing does not result in major cost escalations. Except for dedicated phone lines, most of the other service channels are free and even if there are some add-ons that need to be purchased, their overall cost is usually insignificant. That’s why businesses do not have to think twice about choosing multi-channel support for their inbound process outsourcing projects.

The benefits of providing multi-channel support in inbound process outsourcing projects is now common knowledge. As technologies improve and become more affordable, it is anticipated that more customer service channels will become available for inbound process outsourcing projects in the near future. That’s definitely good news for customers, businesses and inbound process outsourcing service providers.

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