Customer service outsourcing no just a cons reduction exercise

August 25, 2009

Not many understand the real importance of ”customer service outsourcing” and for most people, it’s just another cost reduction exercise. They may not be entirely wrong in their disposition, but the bigger question that needs to be answered here is whether cost savings are the only benefits provided by customer service outsourcing. Most experts will disagree with this because they are well aware of the ground realities, which clearly indicate that customer service outsourcing offers wide-ranging benefits and is not limited to cost reductions. Apart from cost savings, here are some other prominent benefits that are available through customer service outsourcing.

Customer service outsourcing helps improve customer satisfaction

Improving customer satisfaction was never an easy task and most businesses will agree to that. Apparently, the difficulties faced are due to the huge number of variables that affect customer satisfaction levels. The quality of offered customer services is one such variable that contributes significantly to customer satisfaction levels. .Customer Service outsourcing helps because it makes it easier for businesses to ensure that customers get the best customer service. When outsourcing service providers take over the controls of customer service functions, they ensure that outsourced processes are managed only by highly qualified and trained customer service agents. When this is done, it automatically improves service quality and consequently customer satisfaction levels.

Customer service outsourcing helps improve connectivity and availability

Outsourcing service providers can never afford to compromise with quality and efficiency and with that view in mind, most outsourcing companies have installed advanced it and telecommunication systems. These systems are proving highly valuable because they are making it easier for outsourcing firms to provide uninterrupted connectivity to customers in urgent need of customer support services. Newer technology implementations have enabled outsourcing firms to create and manage multiple communication channels such as customer service phone lines, online chat, email support, and ticket systems. The best part is that most of these are “always online”, something that ensures 24/7 availability of customer support services.
After going through the less-publicized yet critical benefits of customer service outsourcing, it appears that cost savings are just like the icing on the cake. It makes sense because one without the other is certainly going to make things quite unsavory. The same applies to customer service outsourcing and businesses should not forget this while they are scouting for the most eligible customer service outsourcing firm.

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