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Online marketers have relied heavily on interrupt marketing to get their message out to potential customers. This method has since proved ineffective and the trend has shifted towards content marketing and lead generation services. This trend was noted in a recent article1 written by Ted Karczewski of Content Standard.

If your business currently utilizes the interrupt marketing method to draw customers toward your product, it may be time to consider the future direction of your online marketing campaigns. These are not changes that can be made overnight, mind you. Developing an effective advertising campaign is something that takes time to do right. Being overly aggressive in altering your marketing strategy could lead to disastrous results.

If your company decides to take the plunge into content marketing, there may be a period where you fail to see the desired attention on your product. That’s normal for a season, but that doesn’t address the problem of fewer potential customers with interest in your business. “We’ll iron out the kinks in the marketing campaign” isn’t going to cut it. You need leads and you need them now.

It’s in situations like these when lead generation services can become especially useful. Lead generation works to provide your sales team with potential customers to contact regarding your product. In theory, lead generation does a lot of the same work that an ad campaign will do: get your company in contact with persons interested in doing business with your company. Unfortunately, not all lead generation services are created equal.

Some lead generation companies will provide you with an entire list of cold leads. Cold leads are nothing but a list of names and phone numbers. Many of these individuals will have never heard of your company and even worse, have no interest in purchasing your product. Cold leads are incredibly unproductive and time consuming to comb through. A majority of the telemarketing calls you receive around dinner time are cold leads provided to a company by poor lead generation services.

Warm leads on the other hand are those individuals that have shown an interest in your product or a similar product somewhere on the Internet. Contacting these individuals is much more productive because we know something very important about them: they want what you’re selling. Closing a sale with a warm lead is a significantly easier task than convincing a cold lead to purchase a product they may or may not even have a need for.

Telegenisys goes the extra mile by finding warm leads that not only have an interest in your product or company, but they also hold purchasing power regarding your product. By making a contact directly with the buyer, sales are much more likely to be converted. Telegenisys is so confident in the quality of these leads that they guarantee they will perform. With over twenty years of experience in the industry, Telegenisys offers lead generation services that you can trust to generate the business you need as your business transitions between online marketing approaches.

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