Characteristics of good customer service that drives new business

Customer Service Outsourcing

The Importance of customer service

Your clients are looking for more than just a high-quality product or service. You may have your product offerings perfected to a tee, but without this one vital component, you’re not likely to get return business. Any idea of what it might be? Good Customer service! Customer service is broadly defined as the systems or mechanisms which a company employs to address its actual and potential clients’ needs. These needs will largely revolve around information as information is necessary to enable a customer to:

1. Make decisions regarding products/services appropriate for the customer’s needs;

2. Troubleshoot issues that may arise in relation to a product or service offered by the company; and

3. Give feedback on how a company may improve that which it offers.

If customer service is poor, in that it is either impossible or extremely difficult for a client to perform any one of the information functions mentioned above, one may find that notwithstanding the fact that one’s products or services are less expensive than those which are being offered by your industry rivals, persons still gravitate toward the competition. To that end, the importance of customer service, and by extension, good customer service can readily be appreciated.

Characteristics of good customer service

Great customer service has two main characteristics which are both interwoven and by extension interdependent namely, accessibility and effectiveness. To illustrate, a customer service representative may be exceptional in his or her ability to solve a customer’s problems, effective at accurately receiving feedback as well as conveying information that may assist a customer to make informed decisions. However, if a customer is never able to reach that person by telephone, email, or other means of correspondence without stepping foot into one’s office, then the customer will never rate your customer service provisions as being ‘good’. Similarly, it does not auger well for the reputation of one’s customer service provisions if the individual can be easily contacted but never has useful answers to even basic queries.

In light of these two necessary qualities, it has become patently clear to even smaller organizations and companies that a singular individual is not sufficient to adequately take care of customer service needs. A similar sentiment rings true in larger enterprises as well. Yet, for many enterprises large or small taking on the expense associated with staffing a customer service department is simply untenable. Yet, they cannot afford to not have customer service functions being cared for.

BPO solutions

Having considered all the factors outlined, Telegenisys Inc. has taken the mantle of linking leading business process providers with clients like you who need them. We recognize that the world of trade and commerce is now a global one, thanks to the advent of the World Wide Web, social media, and the ease with which persons in completely different geographical locations can communicate. For these very reasons, we are able to implement the ideal characteristics of good customer service for your business in a manner that is cost-effective, efficient, and seamless. Starting a business is fairly easy, maintaining it is the hard part let us help you find the most suitable partner for your business needs to make sure that it continues to grow.

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