Customer Service Outsourcing: Is There Anything For SMEs?

“Plenty” – we would say. And we are not overstating things here because the facts clearly indicate that in the existing customer service

outsourcing market, around 34.7% of the overall demand is being generated by SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises). What makes us even more confident is that the stated percentage is steadily moving north every quarter.

And it should not come as a surprise to you because it is now common knowledge that its the SMEs that have been hit the hardest by prevailing recessionary trends. Over the last two decades, customer service outsourcing has proved itself as an effective tool for reducing costs and increasing efficiency and that’s one of the main reasons why SMEs are not looking anywhere else.

Multinationals may have patronized customer service outsourcing, but things change and it now appears that it will be the SMEs that will create the most demand for customer service outsourcing. The onus is now on customer service outsourcing firms who will have to ensure that SMEs get the same high quality and efficient services as were being provided to multinational companies.

SMEs usually have lower budgets and since they often require instant results, customer service outsourcing firms will have to work doubly hard to ensure that their needs are met in the most satisfactory manner. Only then will it create a win-win situation and ensure a bright future for both SMEs and customer service outsourcing firms.

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