Customer service outsourcing – BPO increasing focus on customer satisfaction

Customer service outsourcing – BPO’s increasing focus on customer satisfaction

August 25, 2009

Just a decade back, the main motive for choosing customer service outsourcing was to reduce operational costs. Things however have changed dramatically over the years and more businesses are now realizing that customer satisfaction is equally important, just as cost reductions, in all spheres of customer interaction. Successful BPO’s were quick to realize these emerging trends in their immediate business environment and that’s why they did not have any issues when clients added new goals and objectives to ongoing customer service outsourcing projects. BPO’s have increased their focus on ensuring customer satisfaction and here’s how they have been able to achieve this.

By providing ready-made solutions

Customer needs and preferences vary, but what’s common is that most of them want nothing more than instant solutions for their problems and issues. This is relatively easy to provide and customer service outsourcing firms have been doing that successfully for many years now. What most customer service outsourcing firms have done is that they have identified common problems and issues faced by customers in relation to a product and service and have evolved highly effective ready-made solutions for each of those problems. So when a customer calls, it just takes a few seconds for customer service agents to provide an appropriate solution. Quick and effective customer service is always appreciated, something that is helping customer service outsourcing firms improve customer satisfaction.

By being available 24/7

When a customer calls and hears an automated voice saying something like “call between this and this time”, it will most likely put them off. Customer Service outsourcing firms know this quite well and that’s why they have equipped themselves with all of the requisite infrastructure and human resources as is necessary for providing 24/7, “always online” customer service. When customers know that they can contact customer service at 3 am in the morning and get the urgently needed help as well, it naturally boosts their confidence in the brand name, product or service.

Customer service outsourcing firms that have successfully shouldered the responsibility of improving customer satisfaction are now on the most wanted list. More businesses are queuing up to hire them as their customer service outsourcing partner. Other less successful customer service outsourcing firms can take a cue from them and start focusing on improving customer satisfaction.


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