Emerging threats for the offshore outsourcing industry

Opportunity of Outsourcing

The offshore outsourcing industry in India may currently be doing quite good, but just like any other successful industry, it also cannot afford to rest on it’s past laurels. If the achieved competencies are to be sustained, the industry will have to put in additional efforts and make foolproof plans for the future. This is especially necessary in today’s context, when it has become increasingly difficult to tackle emerging competitive threats. As far as the outsourcing industry is concerned, it’s main concern right now is the growing threat from new players in the market. Countries like China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, and others are taking to outsourcing in a big way, something that can create problems for the outsourcing industry in India.

However, the outsourcing industry in India does not seem overtly concerned about these recent developments because it is well aware that competencies that took years to build, cannot just be recreated overnight. Competitors will certainly come close one day, but people who call the shots in the outsourcing industry know quite well that something like that will take time to materialize. They believe that by that time, the offshore outsourcing industry in India too would have moved on to achieve newer competencies and greater heights of success, leaving competitors way behind.

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