Handling payroll in an uncertain economy

Telegenisys is handling payroll in an uncertain economy
The economy is growing, a little. Your employees are starting to rack up a little bit of overtime. They’re looking a little stressed and spread a bit thin. Is it time to start hiring again? No.

What happens if the economy does a double dip? Is it worth all the time and effort to make new hires only to let them go a few months later? What would your existing work staff think about this?

The first step is to examine what is taking up all their time before you add more people to do the same things. Are their days being taken up with things that they’re really overqualified for? Are these things that somebody with just a little bit of training and smart automation could handle? Is it worth splitting the drudge work off so that your core team can soar to new heights of productivity.

Now you could rent some more space, get desks, computers, phones or whatever and fill those seats yourself, but then what will be the impact on your core team? Isn’t it better to contact Telegenisys and ask what we can do to accelerate your existing business processes.

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