What hassles have the new overtime rules caused you?

The United States Labor Department suggests that businesses can comply with their new overtime rule by
Employers can ensure that workload distribution, time and staffing levels are all managed appropriately for their white-collar workers who earn below the salary threshold. For example, employers may hire additional workers.” [1]

But for small businesses the extra work is often intermittent or seasonal. Will they really go through the entire hiring process for somebody they only need this weekend or just for a few months? Small and medium size companies can dream about imposing an even “workload distribution” throughout the year, but will usually find themselves reacting to the market and the calendar.

It’s the surge season that pays for the year and now the government is taking that away. Time to declare bankruptcy? Not so fast.

Every business process requires a mix of trained judgment and routine tasks. Surges almost always require a lot more busywork than highly skilled case by case analysis and rethink. So if you could add more workers for your surge then these would be at a lower skill level than your experienced long term workforce and you would split the tasks between the groups. However hiring this extra crew would require:

  • Compliance with Labor and other standards.
  • Work space and equipment.
  • Management oversight.
  • Training and monitoring of each hire.

And even this wouldn’t be enough to handle off-hours requirements.

So why not instead find a trusted partner with over two decades experience in taking the ordinary routine tasks out so that the people who work for our clients are freed up to accomplish the extraordinary, without having to work extra time.

We can help you with:

  • After hours call, email, chat and fax support
  • Data conversion and extraction from scans to your formats
  • Internet research to enter the data that’s somewhere out there
  • Making contact with clients, customers and suppliers for you

We have two decades of experience in reliable delivery to client satisfaction so call

1-800-510-9053 or write today and let us get the compliance hassles off your back.

Update: The courts have struck down the new overtime rule for now, but Trump has promised to release a new rule.[2]

[1] http://www.akbizmag.com/Finance/Plenty-of-Options-with-New-Overtime-Rule/

[2] http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/international-business/u-s-judge-strikes-down-obama-administration-overtime-pay-rule/articleshow/60316441.cms

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