How can small businesses deal with the tight job market?

Outsourcing Services is a key for startup growth

An april 2018 report  by the national federation of independent business showed that about half of all respondents were failing to find qualified workers even as they offered higher wages.

While demand pressure is intensifying in the labor market and increasing number of businesses are turning to outsourcing as a solution.  The solutions vary from outsourcing one function to an entire business process.  This is particularly true for industries most affected by these shortages.  Healthcare, insurance, and other service industries relying on service delivery are increasingly opting for outsourcing to release the pressure of a tight labor market.

Outsourcing requires companies to do their homework and document their processes.  This forms a major impediment to rapidly deploying solutions that can improve service levels while integrating well within company operations.  Telegenisys’ focus on industry verticals and qualifications such as ISO level services and third-party HIPAA compliance verifications allow it to understand, Document and deploy outsourced solutions rapidly and profitably.

Engineering processes and then providing a superior and sustainable deployment that is client-centric is what assures success.  Telegenisys operates in Zero Defects space of healthcare records, image analysis and verification, precision data entry and data management.  Our client count on us to ensure accuracy, Privacy, and productivity.

Call or write us today for a free consultation. Let us show you how to do more without the hassle of physical expansion of your workforce or facilities.

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