Indian BPO industry – Contributing to the changing face of the country

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Most people may still associate the Indian BPO industry with cost-savings, but the reality is that the industry is doing a lot more than just helping businesses save operational costs. It’s not that providing costs savings to clients has become insignificant; as a matter of fact, it is still the primary objective and the basic expectation of providers and clients respectively. However, it would be myopic to view the industry as such because in reality the industry is benefiting not only the clients but also the country where its located. Currently generating revenues in excess of $8.4 billion per year, the industry is contributing significantly to the Indian success story.

What is even more noteworthy about the industry is that in a very short time, it has become one of the biggest recruiters, generating around 70,000 new jobs every year. This is of great help to a country like India, which has a large population and high unemployment rates. All this is good news for clients because business process outsourcing is a critical task that should preferably be carried out at a safe and peaceful location. As India develops, it will provide even more favorable conditions for undertaking outsourced projects, something that will benefit all of the parties involved, including both clients and the Indian BPO industry.

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