India’s call center staff burn out – Bursting the myth

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Call centers are cropping up everywhere and they cater to each sector that businesses have to offer, whether it be transport, insurance, banking, retail, etc. But all is not as well as one might have expected it to be. Let’s admit it, the odd working hours, deadlines, schedules to keep up with, faking a foreign accent, coming up with aliases, oh yeah, that’s what a call center life is all about. Sounds depressing? No, it’s not. Considering the pay package and the experience that this sector has to offer, it has become an attractive career option for many young professionals.

The Indian Call center Industry has surely started witnessing sort of a revolution with respect to providing services to companies who need them the most. The employees of these call centers often feel that this sector provides them a good start with their career with respect to a management point of view. So there are some pros as well as some cons in regard to working at call centers in India. But you should understand that the call center scare is nothing but a myth.

There are many lucrative career opportunities that call centers in India have to offer to the youth today. This simply points out the fact that due to business process outsourcing, the employment rate in India is at an all-time high. Engineers, computer programmers, IT staff, recent graduates, call centers have them all under one roof. So there you have it, outsourcing services in India is as good as it gets and large corporations from all over the globe are also eager to join in the game.

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